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Whats Rainbow Currency?

Rainbow Currency is the first cryptocurrency to be created by a non-profit organization called The Rainbow Foundation, with over 3000 co-founders from various countries. They collectively have purchased over 30 billion Twinkles (the word used to describe Rainbow Currency coins).

Basics of Rainbow Currency

As we’ve mentioned before, Rainbow currency is established on the Ethereum blockchain. In total, there are four types that make up Rainbow currency. Rainbow money: Rainbow, Glitter, Twinkle, and Dan.

In reality, Twinkles are the Rainbow Currency’s official currency. It is the smallest value in the Rainbow currency that trades on the open market and the official symbol of trade is the TWNKLHere’s some useful information about this Rainbow Currency.

1,000 Dan = 1 Twnkl

1,000 Twnkl = 1 Glitter

1,000 Glitter = 1 Rainbow

1 Twnkl= 1 YEM

Trading Symbol: YEM

Reference: US$

Blockchain: YEMCHAIN

What Do The Rainbow Currency Denominations Signify?

The Rainbow Currency denominations signify several things. First, understanding and displaying the difference between lower and more expensive prices is fairly simple using these currencies.

For example an automobile could cost 10 Rainbows instead of 10,000,000 Twinkles A laptop may cost 200 Glitters instead of the equivalent of 200,000 Twinkles, and ice cream could cost 200 Twinkles.

Additionally there is a specific method by which these numbers are displayed across all currencies. This can take the format of dots for each one of the 1000 factors or separate figures with commasFor instance, a number in millions would be 100,200 and 300 (or it could be written in the form of 100.200.300).

By using these denominations, this number can be broken down into 100 Rainbowsand 200 glitters, and 300 twinkles. In this way, it is easier to monitor your account balance and find out how many in every Twinkle, Rainbow, and Glitter you own.

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It is important to remember that the total amount of Twinkles will be restricted by 100 billion dollars. There will be no extra coins made.

This means the fact that, as more and more people across the globe utilize Rainbow currencies as a method of payment, the demand will surely increase as the supply chain remains constant.

The two forces of market demand and supply will result in an increase in the amount of Twinkles. This is the reason why the quantity of Twinkles will be fixed.

Where to Buy Rainbow Currency (YEM)

The following are the crypto exchanges that allow you to buy an Rainbow coin:

* Coinbase

* Bitmart

* Binance

* Uphold

* io

How Much is a Rainbow Currency (YEM) Worth?

There was a variety of opinions on the prediction for the future for Rainbow Currency (YEM) in 2022. However, it may not meet the predictions because of ” crypto winter“. The crypto market is volatile, Investors and investors are advised to conduct their own analysis prior to making a decision to invest in Rainbow.

These the Rainbow Currency price predictions for 2022-2025:

* Rainbow CurrencyAs as of August 20, 2022, YEM is currently priced at $0.0…55729. It was predicted to hit its record-breaking price of $0.0…99095 however, it may not be due to the current bearish market conditions since January 2022.

* A technical analysis suggests YEM will likely to trade at an average in the range of $0.0…02144 for 2023. It could reach the price at $0.0…63572 and close at $0.00000000122.

* * In 2024 YEM could be trading from $0.00000000100 and $0.0…16839, with the potential for a maximum of $0.00000000120.

  • In 2025 Rainbow Currency is forecasted to be traded at an average and minimum prices that are $0.00000000137 and $0.00000000163 respectively, and $0.00000000137 could be its typical price.

Is Rainway Currency Token a Good Investment?

Rainbow Currency has emerged as an increasingly popular method of digital payment over a short time, and has led to increasing and many online retailers and merchants accepting payments via YEM due to its unique characteristics as outlined below:

Fast & Secure Deposits and Funds Transfer

The Rainbow promises to provide rapid and safe fund deposit and transfer, in comparison to other cryptocurrency platforms. YEM makes use of the PerNumPay app as its payment method to permit users to transfer and receive money. All transactions made on PerNumPay are protected by two-factor security. In order to secure the transaction, users are required to confirm the transaction using a one-time PIN.

Unique Mining Method

Rainbow does not employ the usual mining process used by conventional cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ether, which require plenty of energy and energy. Rainbow is a cryptocurrency that does not require a lot of resources and energy. Rainbow the coins are made available as a reward for participants for efforts throughout SafeZone and Unicorn Network Security.

At first, it was introduced on the public blockchain Ethereum that meant that everyone could see your personal information as well as your wallet balance and transactions details. To eliminate this issue, Rainbow moved to a private blockchain platform called TwinklChain and ensures that nobody has access to your personal information, wallet, and transactions. The TwnklChain blockchain is able to process more than 100 million transactions daily.

Low Transaction Fee

Rainbow is considered to be an exchange for crypto with the lowest cost. It charges an average of 0.1 percent per transaction. Based on the value of the transaction it will charge the minimum amount of 0.001 Yuan and the maximum amount that is 1,000 Yuan.


Rainbow Currency (YEM) has been the subject of a lot of discussion lately because of its growing popularity. Its distinctive trade and security features allow it to distinct from the other cryptocurrency giants. It’s built on a private blockchain which ensures it is a secure choice for investors to pick Rainbow for trading and investment. Are you looking forward to a brighter future for Rainbow and you can learn more details about it and move on in your investment.

FAQ About What Is Rainbow Currency?

What exactly is YEM coin?

YEM doesn’t mean a separate coin. The symbol is for the rainbow Currency. Rainbow Currency (YEM) is an electronic currency used to purchase products and services. YEM is a contraction of the word “Your Everyday Money”.

What makes YEM different?

Rainbow Currency (YEM) is distinct in that it’s not designed to be used for trading purposes however, the primary reason behind the cryptocurrency is to serve as your Everyday Money, which means you can use it as a fiat currency.

Is YEM a cryptocurrency?

Yes, YEM is a Cryptocurrency. It is the symbol of the Rainbow Currency and it means (Your everyday money).

What is Rainbow Currency Foundation?

Rainbow Currency Foundation is a non-profit Organisation that is indexed by UIA (Union of International Association).

What Rainbow Currency Foundation Does?

Rainbow Currency is controlled and managed by a non-profit company known as “Rainbow Currency Foundation” and it has seven different candidates from seven different continents to provide services to the people living on their continent.

Where is the YEM Foundation is located?

YEM Foundation dba RCF is registered in Nevada. Business ID NVZ0171765116. Address; Rainbow Currency Foundation 500N Rainbow Blvd #300 Las Vegas, NV89107.

What is RCF means?

RCF stands for Rainbow Currency Foundation.

What is YEM Deals?

YEM Deals are an online store that lets you purchase items using Rainbow Currency (YEM). The amount you pay for a item can be purchased in YEM and shipping and tax is paid with fiat currencies such as USD/EURO


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