What is ERAC Toll on My Credit Card?
What is ERAC Toll on My Credit Card?

What is ERAC Toll on My Credit Card?

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Let us begin our journey with a couple of questions that often arise when you see an unfamiliar item on your credit card statement: What is an ERAC toll charge? It’s a fee charged by the Enterprise Rent-A-Car company (ERAC) for using their automated toll payment system during a rental period. How does this affect my credit card? If you used a rental car that incurred toll charges, these fees would be charged to the credit card you provided at the start of your rental agreement.

What is ERAC Toll on My Credit Card

ERAC toll is a charge that appears on your credit card statement when you rent a vehicle from Enterprise Rent-A-Car (ERAC) and use a toll road during your rental period. These charges are managed through a system provided by Enterprise, helping streamline the rental and payment process so you can focus on your trip. Let’s dive deeper into the ERAC toll charges.

How does it Emerge on Your Credit Card

ERAC toll on your credit card refers to a charge that is applied when you use a rental car from Enterprise Rent-A-Car (ERAC), and you pass through a toll without making an immediate cash payment.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Toll Passes: When you rent a car from Enterprise, whether it’s for personal use or business, you have the option to use toll roads, bridges, and tunnels. If you take routes that involve these paid facilities, you might not always have cash or change to pay for them.
  2. Automatic Tolls: Some tolls are completely automated, which means there are no physical booths to accept cash payments. The only way to pay is through an electronic system that scans the vehicle as it passes.
  3. Toll Charges: If you go through automated tolls in an Enterprise rental car, the vehicle’s license plate will be scanned and Enterprise will receive a bill from the toll authority.
  4. Billing: Unless you have set up an alternative method of toll payment with Enterprise beforehand, ERAC will charge the toll fee to the credit card you used to pay for the rental.
  5. Administration Fee: In addition to the toll amount, Enterprise also adds an administration fee to handle the transaction process on your behalf. This fee varies by location and the rental’s terms and conditions.
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You should see this ERAC toll charge reflected on your credit card statement under a title like “Rental Car Toll” or something similar. Consider checking with Enterprise directly for the specifics of any charges you see on your statement to understand how they were calculated. To avoid such charges in future, consider planning your routes to bypass toll roads where possible or set up a payment method for tolls when you rent the car.

How Does the ERAC Toll Charge Appear on Your Credit Card?

When you use a toll road during your rental period, the charges, along with any applicable service fees, will emerge on your credit card statement. Enterprise partners with PlatePass®, a brand that offers electronic toll payment services. So, you might see the charges on your credit card statement under one of the following names:

  • ERAC Tolls
  • PlatePass Tolls
  • PlatePass ERAC

How to Avoid or Dispute an ERAC Toll Charge

To avoid or dispute an ERAC toll charge, consider the following:

  1. Avoid Toll Roads: Plan your route carefully to avoid using toll roads during your rental period.
  2. Pay Tolls Manually: Depending on the region and toll roads, you may have the option of paying tolls manually at the toll booths. Make sure the electronic transponder is inactive or kept in a proper shielded bag if it is portable.
  3. Check Your Credit Card Statement: Regularly review your credit card statement for any possible discrepancies.
  4. Dispute a Charge: If there’s an unauthorized or incorrect toll charge, you may contact Enterprise’s customer service directly to dispute and resolve the issue. Be prepared to provide all the necessary details, including your rental agreement, dates, and toll usage.

Understanding how ERAC toll charges work will help you know what to expect when renting a car from Enterprise Rent-A-Car and using toll roads. Proper planning and monitoring can help you avoid unexpected charges or manage disputes effectively.

The Rationale Behind ERAC Toll Charges

So, why does ERAC levy these toll charges? This service is extended as a convenience for rental customers to avoid halts at toll booths and subsequently billed to their credit card. What is the benefit of this auto toll system? Not only does it streamline the driving experience, but it also saves time, especially helpful when one is unfamiliar with the roadways or is on a tight schedule.

Navigating ERAC Toll Charges

Moving on, how can one identify an ERAC toll charge on their credit card statement? Typically, it’s listed as ‘ERAC TOLL CHRG’ or ‘ERAC TOLL ‘DATE’ ’, allowing users to identify and manage them.

Managing ERAC Toll Charges Effectively

Further, how can one manage these charges effectively? Firstly, inquire about the toll policies when renting a vehicle. Secondly, consider paying toll charges yourself during the rental period to avoid these fees.

The next question that might occur is, what if one spots an unidentified ERAC toll charge? In such cases, contact ERAC customer service for clarification. They can provide a detailed breakdown of the charges.

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As we reflect on the intriguing domain of ERAC Toll Charges, we realize that it’s merely a system devised for convenience and efficiency. Having unraveled the enigma of what ERAC toll charge truly is and how it transpires on your credit card statement, we hope you are better equipped to handle such scenarios.

Remember: knowledge fosters control, and control leads to effective management. The more we understand about such charges, the better we can manage any obligations that surface from our rental car experiences. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or occasionally rent vehicles, and whether you are handling company expenses or managing your personal finances, this newfound awareness could very well shape your approach to handling toll charges in the future.

Let this guide assist you on your journey towards financial literacy and effective credit management. Armed with these insights, you’re one step closer to mastering the intricacies of everyday financial phenomena, such as the ERAC toll charge on your credit card. The road to understanding financial nuances is often winding, but undoubtedly rewarding.


Is ERAC toll a pre-authorized charge on my credit card?

Indeed, it is. Rental agreements from Enterprise Rent-A-Car typically include an authorization clause wherein you approve all charges related to the vehicle’s use, toll fees included.

What happens if ERAC toll isn’t immediately charged to my credit card?

Often, toll transactions may not reflect instantly due to inherent processing times. Therefore, a delay can surface between the rental time and when the ERAC toll charge materializes on your credit card statement.

Does every toll encounter during my rental period lead to ERAC toll on my credit card?

Every toll encountered during the rental period is billed as ERAC toll, regardless of whether or not the toll booths are manned or automatic.

Can I object to an ERAC toll charged on my credit card?

An objection is plausible, though it necessitates proof of prior toll payment during the rental period. In such exceptional cases, ERAC may be contacted with the relevant payment proofs.

Can ERAC toll influence my credit score?

Directly, ERAC Toll does not impact your credit score. However, an unpaid toll charge, much like any unpaid bill, can lead to late payment fees, which may adversely affect your credit score in the long run.

How can I avoid ERAC toll charges on my credit card?

Keeping a regular check on your rental agreement, paying tolls yourself wherever manageable, and regularly communicating with your rental company may reduce the frequency of ERAC Toll charges.

Does ERAC Toll apply to all types of vehicles rented from Enterprise Rent-A-Car?

All vehicles rented from Enterprise Rent-A-Car that pass through tolls are subject to ERAC toll, regardless of vehicle type or size.

What might the future hold for ERAC toll and vehicle renting?

As digital financial transactions continue to rise, ERAC toll and similar charges may become an industry standard. Understanding this dynamic can enhance your renting experiences and financial management.