[UPDATED] Where To Sell Funko Pops ?

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Do you want to know which places to offer Funko Pops so you can make some moneyOr do you want find out where you can make money selling Funko Pops and make sure they get to an owner? Perhaps you want to sell them quickly?

Based on my personal experience and suggestions from people in the Pop group, my top advice on where to market Funko Pops:

  • eBay
  • Facebook Groups
  • Reddit (Funko SubReddit)

Where is the best place to sell your pops? Honestly, I do not recommend going to these second-hand stores where you can exchange things for cash, since they’ll give you very little in exchange.

If you decide to sell the Pops you have on eBay or on Facebook groups, you could sell them fairly quickly and at a price that is comparable to what that you bought them for or even earn a profit especially when the Pop is extremely rare.

Below, I will go into more detail about the three best alternatives for selling Funko Pops.

How To Determine The Value Of Your Funko Pops

Before we tell you where to sell funko pops you need to understand what they are worth. Funko pops fall as collectibles, and their price is never the same as they fluctuate according to market demand. In addition, Funko pops are of various types with some featuring hundreds of figures, while others were available in limited quantities.

This is the reason why some funko pops don’t gain value. They do not, however, those that were made available in limited editions gain value over time, especially when they’re no more available in supermarkets. What is the best method to assess the worth of your popcorns?

The easiest method of doing this is to utilize value aggregation websites such as poppriceguide.com. The site offers an inventory tracker tool which provides users with the latest prices for different items. Another method to assess the price is to check eBay listings to determine how much different pops are being sold and then compare the prices to your own.

Where To Sell Funko Pops

Let’s look at some of the sites where to sell funko pops at the best price online.


eBay is among the most effective sites to sell Funko Pops since there are many sellers who are looking to purchase them from this platform. You can sell your pops on eBay or sell them through eBay franchises.

All you have to do is make an account page on your website and post clear photos of your pops to the page for potential buyers to view. You can choose one from each box and place them on the table or on a flat surface before snapping a photo. If they are defective they must note them down and label them with your “Used” icon, so buyers know what they’re purchasing to avoid any future disputes.

The collectors of Funko Pops are selective about the items they purchase, and you must ensure that the packaging is in good working order and your listing includes exact images of pops.

If you’ve got an PayPal account, you’ll be able to offer your pops for sale on eBay however, keep in mind that eBay’s platform will take an additional 10% from the sale. Given the volume of traffic it receives it is likely that you will be able sell your pops within a few days or weeks provided they’re in good condition.

In addition the other sites, On eBay you can also sell secondhand Disney VHS Tapes, board games, and even your prom gown.

Facebook Community Sales

Another option to sell funko pops to the cash price can be found in Facebook Community groups. These groups are extremely popular with sellers who don’t wish to pay the 10% commission that eBay demands. There are many communities on Facebook specifically for everything to relate to Funko pops. There, sellers, buyers and facilitators work together to trade Funko pops.

The reason these groups are so appealing is the result of the degree of transparency. Buyers and sellers are accountable to one another and you can identify who you’re working with at any point in time, therefore the likelihood that you’ll be scammed is very minimal. The only disadvantage for FB communities is the degree of competition. Therefore, you will need an enormous amount of effort to attract your buyers’ attention.

Lot Sales

There’s a different method that sellers looking to sell massive units employ this method, which is called lots of sales. Lots sales are the process of selling large units at discounted prices instead of spending a lot of effort and time selling smaller units. It is possible to mix your high worth pops with less worth it ones. Although you can make many sales on eBay There are also online platforms specifically designed to sell massive quantities of pops.

If you’ve got a large amount of pops to market it is possible to use well-established lot stores to auction them for a profit. When you’re done with each day, the earnings will be equal to what you would have earned had you sold only the top-quality pops in pieces.


Are you looking for a place to sell Funko Pops? You can try Reddit.

Like Facebook, Reddit has loads of subreddits that are exclusive to Funko pops. In these forums, users post photos of pops they have. Although not all members are trying to sell or buy pops There are collectors who purchase them.

If you want to sell your products through these platforms, you have to follow their rules. It is also important to understand that their rules are more strict than those on Facebook and buyers are extremely picky and require important information about the items they purchase. Although you might not earn any money through Subreddits but at least you can still trade in Funko pops you’ve no use to buy. In addition you don’t have to pay any commission for the sale, and you can keep the profits.

Tips for Selling Funko Pops

Okay, now that you are aware of where to market your Funko pops. Here are some suggestions for making it a success!

Be aware of the value of your collection

It is important to ensure that you don’t end up being scammed or you’re not charging too much for your Funko Pops. It’s the reason you understand the worth that your pops have. You must be aware of the approximate price for your pops based on their condition and the current market value.

the Pop Price guide is an excellent website to check out if you are interested in knowing the value that your pops are worth. Just type in your name and the number of pop you own, and you’ll be able see the current value of the market.

Create realistic prices for your products

Yes, you’d like the Pops to be sold for a reasonable quantity, however, you wish to sell them for the amount you think is reasonable.

FunkyPriceGuide.com is a website which can help you with offering your Funko Pops to sell on an online website such as eBay as well as Mercari.

The site tracks the sold auctions that include Funko Pops on eBay. This helps you determine what collectors will pay, which can help you determine fair prices for your Funko Pops.

If you’re getting an offer from a business such as 7 Bucks A Pod or BuyBackWorld and you are interested in knowing the market value as I have mentioned is a good start. You can then consider whether the quote they are giving you is reasonable.

The discussion is on the Reddit thread there is a discussion on what percentage of sales you could be expecting to receive in the event of selling Funko Pops to local stores. One user says:

  • “Yea 30 percent is probably going to be the most common thing you’ll hear from shops. Most shops near me will give 60% for higher end valued pops. Don’t expect much back If you’re trying to offload a huge collection. If you want max value sell them in small bundles or individually on ebay offer up or mercari.”

It is possible that you could gain more value for your collection by selling them on websites like eBay as well as Mercari.

Sell your products on several platforms

It’s a great idea to post your Funko Pops available for sale across several platforms. This technique for selling will help you make the sales you want faster, as you’ll attract more attention to your listing.

Make a list of the minimum prices you’ll offer your Funko Pops at.

It’s crucial to establish an amount that you will offer your Funko Pops to.

Don’t go less than this amount.

Buyers are able to discuss pricing with you and sites will provide estimates. If you feel that the price you receive from a seller on eBay or an estimate you receive from a website like BuyBackWorld isn’t enough Do not be afraid to turn it down.

Find out the minimum price you’re willing take, and never reduce it.


If you’ve been searching for an outlet to sell Funko pops and other funko pops, we hope this article will help you understand online platforms that allow you to sell your funko pops. These online platforms give you access to collectors and buyers as well as a way to use each of them to find an interested buyer who can provide you with a reasonable price.