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How Many Jobs are Available in Finance – Financial jobs are highly lucrative, which is why they’re highly sought-after. Of course, gaining entry into Finance isn’t simple–the prerequisites for entry are just as high as the wages. In the minimum, all jobs require a bachelor’s degree in finance, and many professionals hold advanced degrees in math, business and economics, as well as statistics.

What are the jobs available in the Finance sector? in the United States, there are at present 2,500,000 positions available in the finance sector that includes insurance and banking and jobs that involve investments and trading in securities.

Although it’s obvious that Finance provides plenty of job opportunities, what is the average amount these jobs pay? Are they all located in New York City? What do employers search for when they hire workers in this area? How can one get financially educated for entry into the field?

This answer and more to questions and many more is available in this article on how many jobs are in finance sector.

What is Finance?

Finance is the art that involves managing money and investing it. It encompasses activities like budgeting, forecasting, as well as risk evaluation. Finance also encompasses the purchase of bonds, stocks as well as other securities.

The market for money is among the most vibrant and fastest-growing sectors of the economy. What are the jobs available in the field of finance, including jobs in private companies as well as banks and investment companies.

There are a variety of education requirements that you have to fulfill. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree in business administration or economics along with prior experience in financial or accounting analysis. Additionally, you’ll be required for a passing score on a certification exam. The exam to be certified to be taken by financial analysts administered in conjunction with The Financial Analyst Certification Board (FACB).

When it comes to investment banking or banking in the banking sector you must possess strong math abilities. Additionally, you will require excellent written and oral communication abilities. A few of the most crucial requirements for banking jobs that are in the finance sector include having a degree from an accredited university or college with having at minimum 2 years’ work experience at an institution of finance, and proficiency in English and a different language. Jobs in investment banking require an undergraduate education from a top school , and five years of working in

Are there any jobs in the field of finance? Here are the most common jobs in the consumer and financial service sectors:

1. Credit reporting

2. Credit analyst

3. Credit counseling

4. Credit rating

5. Investment banking


7. Personal financial advisor

8. Investment brokerages and securities

9. Management of wealth

Highest Paying Finance Jobs

There are numerous well-paying finance jobs across the world. Here are five of the most lucrative finance jobs, according to Forbes:

1. Chief Financial Officer (CFO) CFO – The median CFO’s salary is $183,600.
2. Investment Banker – On average, the income for investment bankers is $180,000.
3. Financial Manager for Corporate Finance – On average, the corporate finance manager’s pay is $167,400.
4. portfolio manager – the median annual salary of a portfolio manager is $158,100.
5. Vice President Finance The median vice president’s finance pay is $155,000.

In the finance and consumer services sector, there are plenty of lucrative jobs to be found. jobs in this area are able to pay up to $100,000 annually. Some of the most lucrative finance jobs include financial analyst credit analyst, and financial controller.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Finance?

Since they can provide great job opportunities right following graduation, finance jobs are usually a preferred option. There are a variety of career paths offered in the financial industry and applicants can choose from a variety of specializations.

The possibility of pursuing the field of finance will be determined by your education and the interests you have. The most effective responses to the question ” how many jobs are avaible in finance?” are shown below.

Financial Advisors

If you love interacting with families and people working as an individual financial advisor could be the perfect fit for you. Consultants and planners in financial issues, often referred to by the name of Financial advisors, assist individuals and families make informed financial decisions.

Apart from retirement and education funds, investment as well as mortgages, financial advisors could provide advice on a variety of other topics too. Another thing to be expected between 2019 between 2029 and 2029 is a 4- percent increase in the number of personal financial advisors employed as is the normal increase for all professions. Due to the aging of the population and a rising average life expectancy financial planning will become more essential.

Loan Officer

If you are considering the various jobs in finance, those who study in finance must also think about the job of a loan officer. Loan officers oversee, approve and direct lenders to approve loans to companies as well as individuals.

The number of loan officers employed is projected to increase by 3% between the years 2019 until 2029, which is just as rapid as other professions. 5. A majority of loan agents work for commercial banks and mortgage lenders, credit unions and other financial institutions who lend.


Accounting professionals work with financial records to make sure the company is compliant with law and operating smoothly. The majority of professionals link the accounts payable to the accountant since accountants oversee the payroll of the company. However, they are also in charge of managing budgets, ledgers, and filing tax returns on behalf of the business.

Accounting firms provide the same services to business and individuals looking to outsource their accounting needs. These companies are made up of several financial experts who collaborate with a variety of clients, including H&R Block, which is more prominent than others.

Investment banker

The term “investment bankers” is used to refer in relation to the investment bank, who are organizations which assist governments and companies in raising capital, carrying out mergers and acquisitions, and handling initial public offering (IPOs). These are all important financial decisions that typically involve businesses and other individuals which is the reason why investment bankers act as advisors or middle persons.

Let’s take the launch of your IPO as an instance. Investment bankers are accountable for creating the prospectus, which is a legal document that firms must submit to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) prior to offering investors an opportunity to invest (i.e. stock) to the general public. Investors use this document to decide whether or not to invest in an the opportunity.

Financial Evaluation

Concerning the variety of occupations open in financial services, and if enjoy enforcing regulations and rules You might consider becoming a financial inspector. Financial examiners’ jobs are expected to grow by 7 percent between 2029 and 2019, which is more than the typical of all occupations.

4. The duties of this profession include ensuring that companies follow the latest accounting and tax laws. They also provide guidelines to accounting, financial administration and governance of corporate entities.

Analyst of Finance

Analysts employed by banks and lenders assess the credit scores of individuals and companies. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that, between the years 2019-2029, the demand for financial analysts will increase quicker than the national average.

To determine whether to provide credit lines employees who are in this job must review financial documents and financial statements. Finance analysts collaborate with businesses to evaluate investment concepts and plans. With regards to the quantity of finance jobs which are open, this job is highly sought-after.

Manager of Finance

Regularly, financial reviews are carried out and financial managers offer senior management suggestions and assistance regarding potential financial plans. The success of any business is contingent on its contribution, which are the foundation of any major business decision.

Private and governmental companies are a good place to work for CFOs. CFOs also work in various sectors, such as banking as well as healthcare, finance and insurance. Analyzing financial documents, performing financial analyses, analyzing the funds and making financial forecasts are all common tasks.

Finance managers also think about ways to boost profitability, and also evaluate potential business opportunities in the markets including expansion, mergers and acquisitions.

To be able to perform a financial management position, a master’s level degree in business, accounting economics, finance or economics is typically required as well as a few years of experience in the field.

How To Search for Jobs in Finance

You can search every job boards to locate finance-related jobs. But the more well-known the platform, the greater candidates are competing. There are alternative options with less competition, you just need to be aware of where to locate them. You can deepen your search for a job by utilizing the following sources:


Reddit is a forum for community which covers all sorts of subjects. It is divided into’subreddits’ they cover everything from humorous content to skincare tips as well as career development and many more. There are a few finance-related subreddits, which include opportunities for employment information, resources, and other advice.


Stay up to date with the most recent news and developments in the field of finance. If you are looking to get into finance it is a great location to study and participate in discussions with other users of the subreddit.


This is the most effective place to explore opportunities and get for advice. The site updates every couple of minutes. At the time at the time of writing the subreddit has over 560,000 users. Reddit users or Redditors share advice about how to arrange financial-specific resumes, ways to network for jobs, tips on when to apply for a job or not, and many other useful information sources.


Like the Finance subreddit on r/FinanceNews, this one provides the latest news, information and updates in the finance industry worldwide.

Facebook Groups

Did you know that approximately 70% of job openings are not posted on publicly accessible platforms? These jobs are filled by networks and are difficult to locate.

With Facebook Groups, possibilities are readily available on a site that where a lot of people check in each day. Friends post job requirements and the group members can join if they’re a good match. Two groups below are populated by thousands of users who participate every hour.

Accounting & Finance Jobs

In this group, individuals are looking for individuals with specific financial requirements. Opportunities can range from full-time to part-time, and they are made available quickly, in a clear and concise manner. Most often Job solicitors are searching for these jobs quickly.

Accounting, Finance Jobs and Training

This community is geared towards helping professionals gain an edge in the world of finance. This includes job openings and resources on how you can improve your knowledge of finance and develop your skills.

Niche Platforms

Platforms such as Indeed have offered the job seekers with a simplified experience. However, as we’ve mentioned before they’re popular and are a source of competition. Here are some specific platforms that provide only financing opportunities.

American Payroll Association

The Association offers an online job board specifically for financial jobs.


This platform is focused on financial opportunities in the non-profit sector.

Career Bank

Opportunities in banking, finance and accounting.


Find over 15,000 job openings in the financial industry.

Types of Finance Degrees

1. Bachelor’s Degree in Finance

The most commonly required requirements for starting an accounting career typically is a bachelor’s degree in Finance. This four-year course will provide the knowledge base you require to become an accountant.

When you earn a bachelor’s level degree, while working in finance will enhance your understanding of finance as well as develop analytical, leadership and interpersonal abilities to finish your studies.

2. Master’s Degree in Finance

You’re eligible to earn an advanced master’s degree in Finance after completing the bachelor’s level. Through specialized areas of Finance the two-year master’s degree will build on the foundations of Finance.

3. Doctorate Degree in Finance

With a doctorate degree in Finance You can be employed as a researcher for finance and teach financial courses and be eligible for almost any position in the field, including corporate Finance.

After you have earned your bachelor’s and master’s degrees. It takes additional 4 to 5 years before you can earn the Ph.D. in Finance. Doctoral graduates typically earn more than $180,000 at work.

What Are Some Essential Skills That You’ll Need To Succeed?

The most important skills you’ll require to succeed include:

-Critical thinking
-Organizational abilities
-Problem solving-Self-motivation

If you want to find a job that involves finance it is necessary to possess fundamental abilities in banking, math, and business. You must also be confident working with a group and be able take instructions efficiently.

Is Finance Consumer Services a Good Career Path?

Yes , The field of finance consumer services can be an excellent career choice when you love working with people and possess an understanding of finances. The field is expanding rapidly and there are many opportunities to work as an advisor to financial institutions or credit counselor. You could also be a personal finance specialist. Although the salary can be lower than other fields financial services, these work offers flexibility and the potential for advancement.


In the end, the finance consumer services sector has many jobs for those who are keen to work in the sector. There are a variety of jobs in finance and consumer services available, and those who have the proper skills can land a job which is ideal for them.

If you’re looking to work in the finance and consumer services industry, you should be certain to study the various types of jobs that are open to you. Additionally, you should be able to demonstrate a solid background in financial and accounting since many positions in this industry require these abilities. Also, you should be aware of the qualifications for each job that you’re considering for, as some might require certification or experience you don’t possess.