[OFFICIALY] Does Safeway Take Apple Pay? Important To Know!

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Are you looking for does safeway take apple pay? Paying with Apple Pay is so convenient and quick, especially when you have your hands full.

Consumers simply add a debit or credit card to their iPhone wallet and pay by scanning or tapping the POS debit machine.

It is simple, quick, and eliminates the need to dig through your bag for your wallet and cash or cards.

Many stores are implementing Apple Pay as a way to checkout faster and more conveniently and one of these stores is Safeway.

Safeway is a large chain of grocery stores and if you are wondering whether they accept Apple Pay at a location near you, keep reading to find out!

Does Safeway Take Apple Pay in 2022?

Officialy , Yes.

You can use Apple Pay when you pay in person at Safeway stores.

However, that may not be automatically clear when you visit the website.

While all Safeway stores accept Apple Pay, it’s important to clarify that you can’t use Apple Pay to purchase items for delivery or in-store pickup online.

It only applies to in-store purchases.

Does Safeway Take Apple Pay in 2022 work in all stores?

Yes , Safeaway accept apple pay in all stores

What other forms of payment can you use at Safeway?

Shopping at Safeway stores is common for residents of the United States and Canada; although Apple Pay is one of the best ways to complete payments, it is good to know the other methods available.

Part of the online shopping payment tools you can use is

  • Visa,
  • Mastercard, American Express,
  • Discover,
  • Cash,
  • Safeway coupons,
  • and electronic wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Can I Get Cashback With Apple Pay At Safeway?

Most stores that accept Apple Pay will be able to give their customers cash back as long as their Apple Pay account is linked to a debit card, and if the store itself offers cash back on policy.

According to various Safeway locations, some Safeway stores are able to give cash back from Apple Pay, while others are not.

As each Safeway is individually managed, some locations are not allowed to give cash back for any purchase and with any form of payment, including Apple.

Therefore, it’s recommended that customers check with their local Safeway store by calling the help desk or asking in person if they offer cash back for Apple Pay.

Does Safeway Take Apple Pay For Online Orders?

Safeway’s online store (both Safeway.com and Safeway.ca) does not currently have the option for using Apple Pay or any other electronic wallet.

Customers paying for their groceries online for pickup or delivery may use Mastercard Debit/Credit, Visa Credit/Debit, American Express, or Discover.

This also applies to the Safeway app for pickup and delivery orders, as there is no in-app option for using a digital wallet.

Which Grocery Stores Take Apple Pay?

which grocery stores take apple pay?
Which Grocery Stores Take Apple Pay?

In addition to Safeway, there are a number of grocery stores in the United States and Canada that currently accept Apple Pay, as long as their store uses debit machines that accept tap.

These are listed as follows:


United States:

  • BJ’s
  • Jewel-Osco
  • Meijer
  • Shoppers
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Walgreens
  • Whole Foods Market

It should be noted that other grocery stores in Canada and the US not listed here may accept Apple Pay. This depends on whether or not their store uses a tap-friendly debit machine.

Additionally, the above-mentioned stores may not have tap-friendly debit machines at every individual store location, unless their website otherwise specifies.

Benefits of using Apple Pay at Safeway

The multiple benefits of this option were what led the company to make it part of its in-store payment methods. It is more common to leave home without your cards or wallet with money than to leave your cell phone behind. Therefore, in the middle of an emergency, if you can resort to electronic payment, you do not have your cards with you,

It is a safe method

Security is guaranteed for both parties, the store will not have cash in its cash register, and the customer has greater security by making the entire payment with a single touch. Credit card theft is becoming more common every day; these digital wallets have been the best solution. No one will know your card number or security code; Apple Pay sends an encrypted code to validate the transaction.

Shopping is faster and more convenient

You don’t need to carry your wallet or any other tool to store the cards or the cash you will use; your mobile is the only element required to complete the whole operation.

How about Safeway Gas Station?

Generally speaking, Safeway Gas doesn’t have the ability to Take Apple Pay at the actual pump, but if you pay inside, you may be able to use this as a workaround. This will vary by location, so ask your gas attendant if you can pay at the window instead of at the pump if your in a state where you cannot pump your own gas.


Every Safeway store in the United States and Canada are accepting Apple Pay as a form of payment.

You can use Apple Pay at the standard checkout as well as self-checkout stations.

Just keep in mind that Apple Pay is only accepted in stores, not online or via the App.

For customers who are using the Safeway App or online “order to pickup,” eligible forms of payment include debit/credit or SNAP EBT and WIC.

Using the Rewards for U program at Safeway can get you discounts, free offers, and discounts in store and at eligible gas stations in your area and Rewards for U can be used with Apple Pay.

Safeway FAQ

Does Safeway accept PayPal?

No. Based on our last check on November 27, 2021, Safeway was not accepting PayPal support.

Does Safeway accept debit & prepaid cards?

Yes. As of November 27, 2021, Safeway does accept debit & prepaid card support.

Does Safeway accept Google Pay?

No. Based on our last check on November 27, 2021, Safeway was not accepting Google Pay support.

Does Safeway accept Apple Pay?

No. Based on our last check on November 27, 2021, Safeway was not accepting Apple Pay support.

Does Safeway accept Shop Pay?

No. Based on our last check on November 27, 2021, Safeway was not accepting Shop Pay support.

Does Safeway accept Amazon Pay?

No. Based on our last check on November 27, 2021, Safeway was not accepting Amazon Pay support.

Does Safeway accept cryptocurrency payments?

No. Based on our last check on November 27, 2021, Safeway was not accepting cryptocurrency

Does Safeway accept Alipay?

No. Based on our last check on November 27, 2021, Safeway was not accepting Alipay support.