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What Online Stores Accept Routing and Account Number – You will first need to locate your checking account numbers before you can shop with them. Although a physical check can be a good place to start, you will also need to locate your routing and account numbers. The routing number, which identifies the bank, and your account number are required.

Our article discusses what someone could do with your checking account number if you are worried about entering your checking account numbers online.First, banks won’t give your checking account numbers by phone or email. This is because of security concerns. The numbers on your deposit slips do not represent your checking account number. They are used for internal processing. We have listed the best ways to access your checking account numbers.

  • Check: If you have a look at the numbers in the lower left-hand corner, take a look at the three groups. Your routing number is the group to your left. Next is your checking account number. The far-right group of numbers is the check number
  • Monthly Statement: Your checking account numbers are likely to be printed at the top your monthly statements. This is true whether you receive them by mail or electronically.
  • Online: If you are enrolled in online banking, you will usually be able to find your routing number and account numbers along with other account information. It is usually located at the top of your account page. You can view an e-statement to see if it is not there. Just select any month.
  • At your local branch: If none of these options work, you might need to visit your bank for assistance. Make sure you bring your ID.

Notification: You can find your account number quickly, but you still need the routing numbers, you can Google it. This information is publically available, though you might need the address and/or zip code.

What are Routing and Account Numbers, and how to find them?

Routing numbers are used to identify banks within the U.S. banking network. Multiple routing numbers may be used by different banks that have multiple branches. Your bank will assign your account number regardless of the type of bank account that you have. Your bank will not give you the same account number as any other person within it. Each account will have its own unique number. Different banks may have different account numbers. However, different cities might have different street names and numbers.

Your routing and account numbers are usually found on your deposit slip or checkbook. From left to right you will see the routing number followed by the check number, account number and deposit slip number. If you are unsure of how these numbers are printed, diagrams can be found online. It is possible to get your account number or routing number online through an app or portal. These numbers are also found in the paper you received at sign up.

If you are unable to find your routing number or account number, or are unsure if it is available, you can contact your bank. To prove that you are who you claim to be, don’t forget your identification.

Can I pay online stores with my account and routing number?

Online shopping is easy with the account number and routing number. This might be more convenient than using a credit or debit card depending on your other financial status. Consider any rewards or fees you may get for using a certain payment method like credit card points.

If you are paying by bank transfer, make sure that your bank account has sufficient funds to cover your purchase. You may be charged additional fees or penalties if you don’t have enough money in your bank account. You can send or receive money with a debit card, routing number or money transfer service such as Venmo and PayPal. Although it is generally faster to transfer money via a debit card network, you might have to pay a fee.

What Online Stores Accept Routing and Account Number?

You can shop online if you know where to buy electronics, clothing, jewelry, grocery, gift cards and gift cards. While most retailers won’t accept online payments via checks, the largest names in online shopping do. Amazon, for example, allows you to pay online with your checking account number. This makes it easy to buy any item you want.

Online shopping is possible at many other well-known stores. You can pay using your routing number and account number. You can even use your checking account to pay for goods and services. These are the stores that will accept your checking account routing number and account number for online shopping.

1. Amazon.com

Amazon offers many options when it comes clothes, shoes and accessories, as well as books, music and electronic devices. Amazon is well-known for its quality products and verified merchants.

It is possible to shop at Amazon.com without a PayPal account, but Amazon is not tied to PayPal. So if you don’t have a credit card or debit card, you can still shop at Amazon.com by using your ACH-enabled US personal checking account.

Before you can shop, however, you will need to modify your Amazon.com payment option. From the Shipment & Payment options screen, 

  • Select Add a checking account.
  • Enter your bank routing code or ABA Code, and then enter your Account number.
  • The checking account number must be an ACH-enabled account that is located in the United States. It will not allow banks to be located abroad.
  • Please enter the account holder’s name and address. Only a personal checking account is allowed. You cannot use a savings, corporate, or business account.
  • After that, you’ll receive an email confirming that your changes have been saved. You can now shop. Contact Amazon.com’s customer support if you have any questions regarding using your Amazon.com checking account number.

2. Target.com

Target offers the best deals on appliances, footwear and electronic goods year after year. You have many options to shop at Target’s local stores and make payments.

Personal checks are accepted for payment at Target stores. Target REDcard, Target gift cards, gift vouchers, cash and credit cards are all options for paying.

Local Target stores will also accept rebate checks, but they will only cover a portion of the item’s cost. Target.com offers different payment options. Target does not accept checks, or checking account number as payment.

  • To shop, you can use your PayPal account number.
  • You can link your PayPal account with your checking account if you already have one.
  • If you don’t already have a PayPal account, then create one and link it to your checking account.
  • It will take you five days to access your PayPal account after you have successfully created a new PayPal Account with a check account.
  • PayPal takes time to verify your identity as well as the accuracy of all information submitted.
  • You can now add the Target account to your Target account after a maximum period of five days.
  • Once you have successfully linked your PayPal account, you will receive an email confirmation. All emails sent by PayPal should be kept confidential.
  • You will need to choose a payment method when you’re ready to checkout your purchases. Select PayPal to open the PayPal window. Simply enter your password and login information to be taken to the payment section.
  • PayPal will send an email confirmation message once you have completed your purchase. Target will also send an email about your purchases. This email will include your order information and the estimated delivery date.

3. Bloomingdale’s

Bloomingdale’s offers both online and local stores to serve its many customers. Online shopping is also an option if you don’t live near a local store. You can shop for the latest fashion, including toys, home appliances and accessories, as well as beauty and health products.

This store is unique because they allow customers to pay online using their checking account number. However, these accounts should be linked with an active PayPal account. You can link your Bloomingdale’s account with your PayPal account if you have it set up to allow you to pay via your checking account.

  • These can be accessed by clicking the PayPal button after you have finished shopping.
  •  The page will redirect you to sign in to your PayPal account. The next step is to confirm your PayPal payment. Click ” Confirm” to complete the process.
  • You will receive an email confirmation from PayPal. Bloomingdales will send you another confirmation email and a thank you email. All orders will be processed immediately.

4. QVC Online Store

Some shops allow customers to still use a paper check to pay for purchases. An online store accepts checks via mail. After the check is received and processed by the company, the order can be processed and shipped to the customer. QVC is an example of one such store. This is a well-known clothing brand that has an online store with all the latest trends. After you have settled down, you can then go to the checkout and make your purchase.

Select the ” check/Money order” option. An address will be given to you where your check can be sent. You must receive your paper check within 10 days after placing your order. Otherwise, it will be cancelled. To ensure delivery, you can send your check faster to QVC office.

5. Best Buy

Best Buy sells a variety of electronic products, including home appliances, smartphones, laptops and television sets. You can pay using a checking account, routing number, or account numbers. PayPal with Best Buy does not require you to link your checking account. As a result, you can complete payments quickly. Your issuing bank account will be processed quickly. Online payments made with a checking account require you to prove your routing number and bank number.

6. Abercrombie & Fitch

PayPal allows you to pay at Abercrombie & Fitch with your checking account. After you have completed your purchase, you will be prompted to log in to your PayPal account. PayPal will charge your checking account for the payment. If you don’t have a bank account, you can add your PayPal account as an additional checking account.

7. Macy’s

Macy’s allows you to shop online as well as in-store at Macy’s. You can shop online with your routing number and account number. You can purchase Macy’s goods online by adding your checking account to PayPal with the routing and account numbers.

8. Overstock.com

You can pay online with Overstock.com using your checking account. In this instance, all you need to make a payment is a routing number, and preferably a bank account number. This simple process makes it easy to make payments.

How to pay online stores with routing and account number?

There are a few things you need to know when shopping online with a checking account. This is an easy process that you can learn in just a few attempts. First, you need to link your bank account with third-party payment services such as PayPal. Most online stores require that you pay via PayPal or other third-party money transfer services. You can also send money using eCheck, or by paper check. PayPal is still the best way to send money online. There are three ways to pay online using your routing number and account numbers. These numbers are:

  • PayPal can be used to pay for items if you have checking accounts
  • Make use of an electronic check
  • Send the merchant a check in paper form

This is how to pay online using your checking account.

  • Go to the website where you want to purchase stuff.
  • Place the items you wish to purchase in the shopping basket.
  • Check out by choosing a payment method such as e-check or PayPal.
  • Transfer money using your checking account routing numbers and account number.
  • By tapping Continue, you can complete the payment.

Why shop online with your checking account number?

Local merchants used to accept checks before the advent of online shopping. Although you will still see customers at the supermarket writing checks to cashiers, it is becoming less common for people to pay with plastic cards or mobile-based services such as Apple Pay. Although they may not always be obvious, many major retailers allow you to pay online using your checking account number.

Shopping with your checking account number, even if you don’t have credit cards, is more convenient than buying prepaid debit cards. The card purchase can be done online, so you don’t have to make a trip and pay extra fees. You also won’t have to worry about accessing any remaining balances. When you pay with your bank number, most retailers won’t charge additional fees.

You can also shop online if you have an urgent purchase to make but not enough cash.

It is worth noting that shopping with your debit card is generally more convenient than using your bank card number. If there are any issues with your transaction, your Visa or MasterCard-branded debit card will offer dispute resolution services. You also have greater security in the event that your card number is stolen or lost. Your bank will not reimburse you for fraudulent withdrawals or charges if someone gains access to your routing numbers and checking account.

Can you buy things online using a bank account number?

Online shopping is easy and fun. If you don’t have a debit or credit card, it will be difficult to shop online. Different payment methods are accepted by many online shops. You can shop online with your bank account. These are some other options to pay with a credit or debit card online.

1. For electronic money transfers, use your checking account

EFTs are accepted by many large online retailers like Amazon. You can transfer money from your checking to the store. Once you have set it up, you will need to add your checking account in your profile.

This means that you will need your routing number and account number. You will then need to enter the name of the account holder and the address. The account holder’s driver’s license number and the state issuing the I.D. can be requested.

Many sites won’t accept savings, business, or corporate accounts. There are risks associated with debit cards. You will be giving out information about your bank account to third parties. Before you share your data, make sure it is a trusted website or store.

2. Make use of an online payment company

You can use some online companies to act as your payment service. These valuable services such as Amazon Payments or PayPal don’t require you to provide your personal information directly to the purchasing site. You can also connect your debit card or checking account directly to your virtual shop on the site’s online platform.

The payment company will then take care of the purchase. You can also use these sites to create an account. You can sign up from their website. To create a profile, you will need to register.

You will need to choose a username, password, and attach your email address. Additionally you will be required to answer any challenge questions that may be asked to protect your identity.

They will also need your address and other personal information. Next, you will need to provide the information about the checking account that you would like to be linked with the store.

Which online shops accept bank accounts?

Although online shopping and paying with your checking account numbers has become less popular, it is still possible to do so through Google Express, Amazon and Microsoft Store. PayPal allows you to use your checking account for payments to a variety stores.

You can also use your checking account to purchase gift cards from Amazon or your bank. We will provide more information on how to buy online with your checking account numbers. These include

1. Amazon

You can add a checking account to your check-out at the Shipment and Payment stage. Enter your routing and account numbers. Also, enter the name, address, and driver’s license numbers of the bank account holder. The account must be personal and opened at a USA branch.

Superior members can use their checking account to pay Amazon’s groceries and Amazon Fresh delivery service. You can also learn more about Amazon’s customer service and help page.

2. Google Express

Google Express is the delivery service provided by Google. You can also use Google Express to place orders from dozens of stores. Delivery is also available in the United States continental. You can request a delivery date when you place an order. Google or any other retailer will handle shipping.

Google Express can also be used to pay with money. To do this, go to your Google Wallet account and link it with a checking or savings account. You will need to enter your name, account number and routing number in order to connect your checking account.

Afterwards, you can find more information about Google Express and Google Wallet on the Google Wallet Help Service Center Page.

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3. Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store accepts payment from checking accounts. This store sells productivity software, computers and tablets as well as gaming devices. Log in to your Microsoft account and choose the “Payment Options” category under “Payment & Billing” to shop with your checking account.

Next, click on the “Add payment option” button. Choose the “Bank account” option. You will need to enter your name, address, account number, routing number and address. You can also find out more information about Microsoft Store’s payment options at Microsoft’s support website.


A checking account allows you to deposit money and make use of it. These accounts can be accessed 24/7. To pay for goods or services online, you can access your checking account. You can pay online with your checking account using an eCheck or add the bank’s PayPal address. Or, you can mail a check to the merchant.