[NEW] How Can i Get Cash for Gift Cards Immediately
[NEW] How Can i Get Cash for Gift Cards Immediately

[NEW] How Can i Get Cash for Gift Cards Immediately

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How can i get cash for gift cards immediately? Gift cards are always a popular present idea, especially during the time of the holidays. They’re also the perfect option when you’re unsure of what to get your loved one.

For those people who receive gifts every year it can be a bit challenging – especially if the cards aren’t to their taste and when they’d rather to get cash instead.

So , what should you do in situations like this? You could think about trading or selling your unwanted gift cards cold, hard cash instead. Surprised? Well, don’t be. It is very likely to be possible to turn gift cards into cash.

And to make the process simpler, we’ve provided the best 7 locations for selling gift cards on the internet that can provide you with immediate cash. You can also trade in your gift card at an exchange kiosk for gift cards close to your home. Check it out.

How Can i Get Cash for Gift Cards Immediately

For selling gift cards online look for resale sites that will offer them at less than the value of their original purchase, according to Bethany Hollars, a spokesperson for BrickSeek an online price-checking site. She suggests comparing prices from a variety of sites to find the most value for your gift card. “Most of these websites allow you to trade the gift card to an actual gift card from a retailer which you can actually utilize,” she says, she adds: “Don’t forget sites like eBay and Facebook Marketplace which allow you to typically sell gift cards for just a few bucks less than the value of their actual face.”

The marketplaces for reselling gifts have evolved significantly over time. Some have joined forces with others. Combating fraud has harmed many and certain haven’t made it through the epidemic. Yet these are the top 7 websites and applications to sell unwanted present cards on the internet:

1. CardCash

It’s perhaps the easiest gift card exchange option to make use of it’s hard for a superior site to use the gift cards you purchased online. Just enter your store and balance by using the estimate instrument and CardCash is able to provide an instant quote.

2. Raise

The most well-known business in the field of gift cards, Raise provides one advantage that differentiates them from the rest of their competitors that is the possibility of selling part recycled gift cards that are used up.

In other words, even if you’ve already spent money using the credit card you’ll be able to continue to sell the balance to receive a cash payment. The biggest benefit of Raise is that it helps overcome its main flaw it’s no cash cash offers immediately.

In contrast to CardCash, Raise facilitates the transfer of gift cards one individual to another. You’ll give a reduction on the cardperhaps 1 or 2 percentand and the buyer will arrive and take your card for the discounted cost.

The more discounts you offer, the quicker your card will be sold. You can also pay by checks, ACH direct deposit, and PayPal cash.

  • Purchase and trade gift cards in more than 1,000 retail stores.
  • Commission of 15% flat paid from Raise for the sale of gifts cards (in addition to your discount).
  • Recommend and earn $5 referral program.
  • Most popular direct sale gift card website.
  • App version available (Raise Mobile).

3. GiftCash

Although you are able to “only” offer gifts cards for a limited selection of 150 merchants (still all the major retailers), GiftCash offers two unique attributes that other companies do not.

They first offer an industry-leading cash-back rate of 93% on a few of the most reputable retailers.

In the second, you can change your cash balances into cryptocurrency. There is a requirement of a $25 minimum balance on any card, and some brands like Apple and iTunes require an initial minimum of $100.

If you’re looking for a truly private transaction from beginning to finish, and making the most money for the gift card you purchase, GiftCash is the best choice for you.

  • Payouts are made within between 5 and 15 days.
  • Only available only in only in the USA and Canada.
  • Cash up to 93% deals for major retailers.
  • Cashouts are also available in cryptocurrency (BTC BCH, ETH or USDT).
  • Earn up to 77 percent Cashback (cashback) on purchase of gift cards towards gifts for free.


The MI signifies Michigan in which the company is headquartered.

QuickcashMI is an easy site to navigate. It can purchase gift cards through a range of companies, like JCPenney, IHOP and Amazon.

The amount is entered on the gift card and QuickcashMI will let you know the amount it will be paying. The amount can vary based on the company (which is typical among gift card sites that sell resells). For example 100 dollars of gift cards at Zappos might yield less money than a gift card worth $100 to Amazon.

5. ClipKard

If you prefer doing things offline, ClipKard accepts gifts in the form of physical cards purchased from more than 100 retail stores across the globe.

In spite of the snail mail route it’s a fairly simple process. ClipKard provides you with a no-cost pre-paid USPS label. You send the physical card and within 1-7 business days following the balance verification, you’ll get either an PayPal payment or a check via mail.

6. CardSell

There’s plenty to say about the simplicity, and the CardSell mobile application is precisely this.

Without a desktop it is only possible to use the platform on an Android or mobile device however, cash offers are competitive and payments are made to your PayPal account within time of 48 hours or less.

The typical payout is about the 50 to 75% of the total value, meaning it’s not the best selling place for selling gift cards on the internet However, if you’re looking to get your cards out as fast as you can, this is one of the most efficient methods to do so.

Beware of accepting the first offer that CardSell sends out.

If you do not accept the first offer it will prompt you to submit the card again to receive a +10% cash-out bonus.

In essence, they’re lowballing however, this is a simple method to increase the value right off the bat.


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7. Gameflip

Through Gameflip gamers can as well purchase and offer gift cards. There are gift cards available from popular brands such as Amazon and Starbucks, and as well from sites such as Google Play, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. You don’t need to be a player to join this site however, it will help. If you decide to sell or purchase an online gift card then you’ll create an Gameflip profile, and then add the gift card you purchased along with the amount you’re willing to sell the card for. Gameflip recommends that you discount your gift card at 2 to 15 percent of the value and will receive a percentage of the price you list and a commission of 8% and the 2.2% digital fee, in the event of a 2% digital fee. If you decide to sell the gift cardto another person, then the cash will be deposited into the Gameflip wallet. Then you can cash it out by using electronic payment systems.

Strategies on How Can i Get Cash for Gift Cards Immediately

Be aware of these when selling gift cards in a flash.

Sell gift cards online immediately instead of physically in order to avoid shipping charges.

You can also sell gift cards on the internet instantly that have been used in part and If possible, choose to exchange the gift card, instead of selling it.

Additionally, as gift cards don’t expire You can put off the sell it at a price you prefer. price.

How do you get cash out of the gift card

It’s a straightforward process to mail and make a sale of your gift cards. Follow these easy steps.

  • State the brand of your gift card.
  • State the gift card balance.
  • Send the card number and its pin.
  • Select your selling price.
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Once you’ve provided the information mentioned above the verification process begins immediately. After a few minutes it is verified by the service your data, following which the listing is made live. The cards typically sell within 24 to 48 hours. The majority of websites convert gift card physical into virtual gift cards and then, they transfer the balance of the card to the buyer following an auction.


If you’re in search of a fast method to earn some cash, then selling your unused gift cards could be the best solution!

It’s simple to list your gift cards that you don’t want using any one of the platforms previously mentioned and in no time , it will be offered for sale.

And because there aren’t any restrictions regarding the kinds of cards for gift that may be sold, there’s something for everyone.

If you’ve got an hour or two and are looking to make some extra cash be sure to consider trading in your gift card.


If you’re still unsure about this procedure Here are some frequently asked questions which might assist you.

How can I find the balance of my gift card?

There are a variety of ways to determine the balance on the gift card based on the type of card.

You can check their website or contact Support at their number and inquire as to how much cash is left to the credit card.

Also, you can check your balance by using the web-based search engines.

What can I do to make money from my gift cards?

This procedure is straightforwardAll you have to do is input your gift card details on our site and they will create an offer to you.

Then, you are able to choose to decide to accept or decline the offer.

What kind of gift cards can I offer?

You can sell any kind of gift card so long as it’s got a balance and isn’t expired.

It’s also important to keep in mind that different websites accept various types of gift cards.

How do I get my present card?

If you accept an offer and the amount of your card and authenticity of your card is verified and the card is accepted, the cash will be transferred to your PayPal or your bank account.

You may also receive an actual check via mail.

Do gift cards need to be used?

It is not possible to sell gift cards you’ve used for as long as there’s an amount of money remaining to the credit card.

The only condition to be met is that your card hasn’t expired.

How long will it take to sell gifts cards?

It typically will take less than 24hrs for the majority of platforms to evaluate your proposal and deposit the payment in your account.

If you’re selling a significant number of merchandise, this could be longer than the time period.

What is the limitations on gift cards?

There are gift cards with restrictions regarding the selling of them.

Some might only permit the sale to the retailer where they were purchased from.

Others could have an amount that is lower than the amount originally in the original card.