How To Download Live Wallpaper in Pinterest

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Pinterest is one of the most popular social media in the world, there are so many pictures that you can see here, not only that on pinterest you can also find a video with a limited duration, pinterest is often used to find material for those of you who like drawing on Corel as a design supporter, Pinterest is also often used as a promotional medium for the businesses they run such as the travel business, food business, product business, and other businesses, they pack it in an attractive pin to see so people are interested in what they have to offer.

One of the reasons why many people use Pinterest is the number of cool pictures from various films, for example Anime, even though Anime is based in Japan but this film is loved by people around the world from children to the elderly, besides anime there are also pictures and cool videos from today’s games with a variety of extraordinary characters, One type of content that he likes is Live Wallpaper. Live Wallpaper is a video with a limited and repetitive duration, so it looks like an image but has a video format and is perfect for making a background or wallpaper on your iPhone or Android.


On Pinterest to download an image is very easy, because the developer gives the option to download the image directly, but for video they don’t provide it, so we need a 3rd party, but you don’t need to worry because I will give you a tutorial on how to download LIve Wallpaper on Pinterest which I will explain below

  • First, you have to get the Pin Link from the Live Wallpaper that you want to download
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If you are using an Pinterest App

  • See Below what I marked then Click

1 How To Download Live Wallpaper in Pinterest

  • Select the Copy Link option

3 How To Download Live Wallpaper in Pinterest
If you are using a PC 

  • look at the url bar of your PC, copy all the existing addresses

2 How To Download Live Wallpaper in Pinterest

  • Second, Next step is to visit this site KLIK  -> Pinterest Live Wallpaper Downloader
  • Third, Enter the link that you copied earlier into the column provided, see the image below!

22 How To Download Live Wallpaper in Pinterest

  • Fourth ,Click Download, please wait, 2 results will appear, select the one with the video format, see what I marked

33 How To Download Live Wallpaper in Pinterest

  • Click Download Link
  • Last Step, Usually a preview of the Live Wallpaper will appear that we want to download

6 How To Download Live Wallpaper in Pinterest

  • Click as I marked and Download Again.

7 How To Download Live Wallpaper in Pinterest

And Now the Live Wallpaper is saved on your phone, You can decorate your walls with wallpics. Application of personalized adhesive photographic mosaics. cherish your wall pictures and capture the memorable moments of your life, canvas print cost is only $19