Is Rewards Wizard Legit?
Is Rewards Wizard Legit?

[UPDATE 2023] Is Rewards Wizard Legit?

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Is Rewards Wizard Legit? – Are you receiving email from reward wizard? Are you wondering about this brand stands for? Are you searching the web for reward and income-generating opportunities? We conducted some research and this article aims to answer the most common questions that you might have regarding the wizard of rewards.

Which is the wizard of reward?

Reward Wizard Reward Wizard is a brand that has been active in US connected to its Parent Rewards programme, Rewards Giant. It is Reward Wizard is an online customer service company that sends messages for the benefit Rewards Giant. Rewards Giant.

These are updates to status that relate to your reward. For instance, you’ll receive an email with confirmation when you sign to the Deal with Rewards Giant. Similar to the confirmation of an order from an online store.

Other messages include reminders to meet the requirements of the program for Rewards Program.

It takes time to fulfill the deal requirements required for to be eligible for the Rewards Giant program. It’s quick and simple, however you’ll have to make additional deals to earn huge sums. Make up to 25 deals and earn as much as 1000 dollars.

The links and emails towards the wall are useful bookmarks to keep the process going.

Is Rewards Giant a legit company?

Rewards Giant is legitimate, but you shouldn’t be naive to believe that it’s not. Here’s why…

Contrary to cash-back programs which pay 1 percent up to 15 percent of the purchase cost, Rewards Giant offers significantly more.

Depending on the number of offers (offers) you finish depending on how many deals you complete, they can pay as high as $1000. This could be 100 percent or more of what you invest. The aim, of course is to earn to earn more.

It’s too appealing to be real. Money for free.

As an example the following example comes taken from the Better Business Bureau complaint (that was eventually resolved).

In this case the victim had made a purchase of $150 and got a cash reward of $1000. This is more than 650percent “cashback”.

How is that possible?

I’ll describe the way Rewards Giant operates in greater detail in the next section However, as you’ve likely suspected, one of the reasons that it’s possible to earn the highest percentages is that certain individuals don’t qualify. They could be misreading the guidelines or forget to provide proof of completion or even quit prior to completing the required number of transactions.

This is where things get complicated because some participants claim to have met all requirements, while Rewards Giant will claim they weren’t.

In a conflict it is impossible to tell who is right, without all the facts that we don’t have. Therefore, it is unjust to judge the right side.

While I can recognize some of the frustrations of participants however, I am not able to claim that Rewards Giant is wrong. I’m not sure and there’s not any actual proof to suggest they are.

I’m not judging on their services, but affirming that they’re genuine.

As we mentioned Reward Zone USA, the company that is its parent Reward Zone USA, was founded in the year 2011 and is an legal entity registered within New York State.

Sure, some dubious operators may persist for more than a decade however, it’s not common and especially so for an LLC that is registered with the US.

It’s not , for instance the type of site which aren’t safe to browse. The type where there’s no legitimate business , or any identifiable owner.

These are usually run by a person who is completely anonymous and, more likely, in a location in the globe where police are unable to locate them. One example is an online site such as RewardsFeed or RewardsFeed, and these sites typically die within a year , if not earlier.

It’s not the case here.

In actual fact Reward Giant’s main company in the US It has also been successful in the US justice system.

In the matter of Alvord V. Fluent Inc., Utah residents complained that Fluent Inc. through its subsidiary Reward Zone USA, LLC issued SMS messages to telemarketers that violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

This case has been dismissed and even though some may not agree with their telemarketing methods (I also don’t like telemarketing) the fact that they won in court speaks volumes about their credibility.

It is also crucial to note it is true that Reward Zone USA is a 100%-owned company to Fluent, Inc, an openly traded company with an current market capitalization of $100 million.

Matthew Conlin is a co-founder of both Reward Zone and Fluent, Inc.

If you’re looking for other opportunities to earn money, you could also get rewards through survey websites like as well as

They don’t offer the same huge payout as Rewards Giant however they’re a great starting point and could be a good stepping stone towards a more permanent venture like an internet-based company.

You could be staying at home due to issues in your health, or you have children to take care of.

If so, and a full-time , online-based income is what you’re looking for knowing where and how to start is the first step you requirein order to be able to attain the results you need..

What is Rewards Giant? Work?

You must first sign up for Rewards Giant by clicking on the Quick Start button. Next, you will be asked to choose a reward (you can change this later), followed by a quick survey.

  • The survey’s survey questions include:
  • Do you do a majority of your purchases on the internet?
  • What are you planning to utilize your reward?
  • How often do you shop per week?

After you’ve answered the questions, you’ll be asked to input your email address. It will be then enter your full name address, address, mobile number, birth date and your gender.

Before you proceed I strongly recommend you go through their privacy statement. It’s located on the bottom of the registration form.

There’s some crucial details about how they might disclose or sell your information in this article. It also describes the kind of information they can gather. Along with the contact information you provide Some examples are:

  • Marital status
  • Auto or home ownership
  • Political affiliation
  • Wellness and health-related issues

The data is gathered through your responses to surveys If you’re not comfortable sharing this information, you may take the next step and choose to opt-out of surveys later.

Rewards Huge Requirements

Residents of the US who are at least 18 years of age are eligible to participate in the Reward program.

Information about registration, such as complete name and address, valid telephone number address, address, and email are mandatory.

You must complete the necessary number of deals for each level within 60 days from the time you finish the first one. Deals that require payment typically require participation or a subscription.

To be eligible for your reward, finish the reward claim process in the moment you have met the criteria for the amount and type of deals. You’ll require ID confirmation to claim your reward.

What is Reward giant deals?

To receive your reward, you must complete a specific number of deals. These include paid participation apps, subscriptions, etc. An example might be signing up for a three-month trial of Apple Music.

Others examples are:

  • Join Hulu, Disney Plus, Apple TV, etc.
  • Click on three ads that are sponsored on Yelp.
  • You can play Coin Pop, Robo Killer, Board Kings, Shadow Legends as well as other games (meeting certain levels, upgrading or upgrades, etc. ).
  • You can get a pre-paid credit card from
  • Join to drive for Uber.
  • Get started with your Amora Coffee subscription.
  • These are only a few out of over 350 offers that you can avail.