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What is Beautycounter?

Beautycounter is a firm that offers skincare products and an American direct-to-consumer service that sells cosmetics. In 2018, the business offered 150 products through more than 65,000 personal consultants and stores across the country.

The only cosmetics manufacturer that has independent safety testing is Beautycounter. They use the most rigorous security screening procedure, restricting more than 1,800 potentially dangerous and questionable components, source ingredients in a responsible manner, and are committed to the sustainability of the environment.

What is MLM?

MLM means multi-level marketing. MLM firms are also referred to as direct or network marketing sales companies.

MLMs have been around for many years. Popular MLMs include Avon, Beachbody, It Works!, and Monat.

There is no salary from an MLM.

However, you earn money by selling your products to people you know and bringing in new customers to join the company. When you recruit someone new, and the person starts making money, you receive a commission on recruitment and sales generated by the person.

This is continuing down at various different levels (hence multiple levels).

Imagine the shape of a triangle. If you imagine that the person at the highest point of the triangle, recruits 10 , and all of those 10 individuals recruits additional 10-persons, then all of those recruits 10 people, you’ll earn commissions from EVERYBODY within the triangle since they’re all in the direct line of your downline (the individuals below that you are in an MLM referred to by the name of your “downline” you are their “upline”).

All you needed to do was find 10 people, and you earn profits starting at 1100.

Although you could always earn money selling the products your MLM company provides, most people in MLM firms prefer to attract other people because they will earn a lifetime passive income from the person in contrast to when they sell an item, they’ll get a single commission.

There is a great deal of money trickling in towards at the very top, individuals at the top are earning a lot of money, while those at the bottom are earning the lowest.

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The main goal of anyone working for an MLM company such as Beautycounter so, it is to get as many people on their “downline” as is possible which allows them to earn substantial sums of passive income with very little effort.

Is Beautycounter an MLM?

Short Answer : No. Beautycounter isn’t legally an MLM. It’s described as “direct retail” since you don’t have to purchase the product through consultants. Actually, we have agreements with retailers such as Goop, J. Crew and Target that truly make Beautycounter apart as a company and distinguish us among those in the MLM crowd. Beautycounter can, however, be marketed as an MLM since, as a consultant, you have the possibility of building an organization under your guidance.

Is Beautycounter Safe?

Yes. While Beautycounter is thorough in screening and testing every ingredient and ingredients, toxic substances such as heavy metals, phthalates and others may still be present in the final ingredients’ raw materials at very low levels (that means it could be the result of manufacturing even when we take all the necessary precautions in advance).

Beautycounter has pledged a safety and health level far higher than that required under American law. Over 1,800 dangerous or questionable chemicals we don’t employ as components for our cosmetics are included in The Never list.

Is Beautycounter A Legit Company?

Yes, Beautycounter is a Legit Company. It is not a Scam. 2013 was the year that Beautycounter is certified B-Corporation. This means that they care about their environmental and social impact. Baisaiyya, getting B Corporation certification is a difficult task and it’s not an easy task therefore, when an MLM business is certified the certification, it has a lot of weight.

In contrast to Beautycounter in that it provides authentic proof of the success of the program from real people only a few days ago. When you’re looking to build your own business you’re presented with a wide range of choices. If you’re even interested in becoming a network marketing professional There are more alternatives than BeautyCounter.

Is Beautycounter Pyramid Scheme?

No. Beautycounter is not an pyramid scheme. Although the consultants of Beautycounter make money through selling their products and attracting new members, it’s not a Pyramid Scheme.

But, be aware that among the main goals is to attract more members, which can cast the business in a negative picture as a scam disguised as a scheme. While the company may be legitimate, I wouldn’t recommend signing up to it. Pyramid schemes and other business models can fail nearly immediately after they’re implemented. Additionally the rate of success for MLM is 0.04 percent, as per John M Taylor.

Beautycounter Products

Beautycounter provides customers with skincare and beauty products like moisturizers, hair care and sun protection, and hand care, as well as every makeup product. According to Beautycounter’s customers’ reviews, most of their products are safe and natural for your body.

Beautycounter has categorized its products into three categories:

  1. Skin Care
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Face oils

Sun protection

Skincare for men

Masks, treatments, and treatments



Mists and toners

Lip and eye care

  1. Makeup






Removers of makeup

  1. Bath & Body


Hand care

Hair treatment

Men take care of

Body wash and scrubs

Sun protection

Kids and babies

How do you earn money as a consultant for Beautycounter consultant?

I looked over my Beautycounter pay plan to find out how Beautycounter Consultants earn money.

Surprisingly, it was much more straightforward to comprehend than almost any other MLM compensation plan I’ve come across; however the primary methods to earn money as Beautycounter Consultants are similar to any other MLM.

There are four main ways you can earn money from Beautycounter:

Retail commissions

You get an amount of 25% for every sale you create. This could be sales to the general public or to your team members or even sales to you.

Bonus on sales to the personal

When you’re selling more than the amount of 750 USD worth of goods during the month, you will earn 30% to 35% commission on the sales you make, not 25 percent.

Commissions that override are able to be overridden

These are commissions that come by your “team” or those who are below you in the business. It doesn’t matter if your team is purchasing products for their own use and selling the products to others,you will receive a commission. The larger your team, the higher commissions you can earn. The commission ranges from 5 to 9 percent.

Frontline Business Builder

If a person within your downline rises to an upper level within the company, you’ll be paid a percentage of 25 to 100 USD.


What Is The Beautycounter Consultant Discount?

As a consultant, you can enjoy 25% discount (including the purchase of your items! ).

What Is Beautycounter’s Commission Structure For Consultants?

As a consultant, you begin with a 25% commission. However, that percentage can increase (up to 35 percent!) depending on the amount you are able to sell per month.

What Is The Difference Between Being A Beautycounter Band Of Beauty Member And A Consultant?

It is the Beautycounter band of beauty rewards is designed for those who love Beautycounter products, but don’t wish to become a consultant. It’s a cost of 29 dollars for a year-long membership that includes free shipping on orders of over 100 dollars, 15% of product credit on purchases of all kinds, and a complimentary gift when you sign up. Find out more on Beautycounter’s Beautycounter Band of Beauty program here..

Can You Be Successful If You Don’t Have A Social Media Following?

YES! In fact, I’d say If you have a large number of personal contacts (friends or family members, colleagues), your chances of expanding your company and selling a significant quantity of products are greater. There’s nothing as effective as discussing safer skincare products with family and friends.

Can You Be Successful Without In-person Contacts?

Ultimately, I started my career as a consultant shortly after moving to Maui…meaning I knew virtually nobody. The only thing I had at the moment was a handful of Instagram followers and a loving mom. However, I was still able to work and increase my client base without bombarding my old FB friends.

Conclusion – Is Beautycounter an MLM or a Pyramid Scheme?

I Hope We Were Able to Address Your Inquiries Satisfactorily. The decision to go with the company after reading this article is your decision. If, in any circumstance, you’re required to do more Research to learn more You are welcome to do so. This concludes our discussion until the next time.