How to Use Lyft Gift Cards
How to Use Lyft Gift Cards

How to Use Lyft Gift Cards

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In this modern era, convenience is king – and with ride-sharing apps like Lyft, getting to your destination has never been easier. But have you explored one of the hidden gems of Lyft’s services – the Lyft Gift Card? Perfect as a gift or a budget-friendly way to manage your rides, this guide will reveal every secret about how to use Lyft gift cards.

Why Use a Lyft Gift Card?

Lyft gift cards are a practical and economical choice for frequent riders. It’s like having a prepaid ticket to any destination, any time. Here are some excellent reasons:

  1. Perfect for gifting – want to surprise a friend with something unique and practical? A Lyft gift card is an excellent choice!
  2. Budget management – if ride-sharing is part of your daily routine, these gift cards can help you maintain your budget and keep track of expenses.
  3. No need for cash or card details – safety first! Keep your credit card details secure and avoid carrying cash around.

How to Purchase a Lyft Gift Card

Purchasing a Lyft gift card is easy and convenient. You have several options to buy one either online or in-store. Let’s dive deeper into each method to ensure you know exactly how to purchase a Lyft gift card:

Online Purchases:

  1. Lyft Website or App: To buy a Lyft gift card directly from their website or app, follow these steps:
    • Log into your Lyft account.
    • Go to the ‘Gift Card’ section.
    • Select your preferred gift card amount.
    • Complete the required details and process the transaction.
  2. Amazon: You can also buy a Lyft gift card from Amazon. Here’s how:
    • Log into your Amazon account.
    • Visit the Lyft Gift Card purchase page.
    • Choose the gift card amount you desire.
    • Fill in the recipient’s name and email address.
    • Process the order, and Amazon will send the gift card to the recipient’s email.

In-Store Purchases:

  1. Retail Stores: For those who prefer a physical gift card, you can find them at various retailers.
    • Lyft gift cards are available in-store at Target and Walmart.
    • Visit your nearest participating retail store to purchase a physical Lyft gift card.

Digitally or Physically – Which One to Choose?

Lyft gift cards are available both digitally and physically. The choice mainly depends on your preference. A physical gift card could be a great choice for gifts, while a digital card offers convenience and quick delivery.

How to Use Your Lyft Gift Card

Using a Lyft gift card is simple and straightforward, just like ordering your ride. Here’s your detailed guide on how to use your Lyft gift card effectively:

Step 1: Redeem Your Lyft Gift Card

To add your gift card to the Lyft app, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Lyft app: Start by opening the Lyft app on your mobile device.
  2. Access your profile: In the upper-left corner of the main screen, tap on your profile picture to open the menu.
  3. Select the ‘Promos’ tab: From the menu, choose the ‘Promos’ tab.
  4. Enter the gift card code: Here, you’ll find a ‘Enter promo code’ field. Type in your gift card code and click ‘Apply’.

Please note that gift card credit is applied to rides first before any personal credit/debit card charged. It does not apply to tips, cancellation fees, or damage fees.

Step 2: Use Your Lyft Gift Card for Rides

The application of your Lyft gift card to your rides is automatic once it’s added:

  1. Request a ride: Start by entering your pickup and drop-off locations and choose your preferred ride type.
  2. Check out: At checkout, the app will automatically use any rideshare gift card credit in your account.

Learn to strategize your ride requests to maximize the usage of your Lyft credit!

Step 3: Check Your Lyft Gift Card Balance

It’s essential to monitor your credit usage and check your available balance. Here’s how:

  1. Go to ‘Payment’ tab: Open your Lyft app and tap on your profile picture. From the menu that opens, select the ‘Payment’ tab.
  2. Check your balance: Your remaining Lyft credit balance is shown under the ‘Lyft Cash’ label.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully learned how to redeem your card, use it for rides, and check your remaining balance. Enjoy your ride, and don’t forget to make the most out of your Lyft gift card!

Tips on How to Maximize the Use of Lyft Gift Cards

Knowing how to use Lyft gift cards effectively can save you money and avoid potential inconveniences. Here are a few tips:

  1. Use your credits wisely: Prioritize using your credits for longer rides to make the most out of your gift card.
  2. Keep track of your balance: Regularly check your balance to know when to top-up or utilize remaining credits.
  3. Gift card validity: Lyft gift cards do not expire, use them at your convenience!

Commonly Asked Question on Lyft Gift Cards

Are Lyft gift cards refundable?

No offence to the gifter but, unfortunately, Lyft gift cards are non-refundable.

Can you transfer Lyft gift card balance to another account?

Sadly, once the gift card is redeemed, it can’t be transferred to different accounts.

Do Lyft gift cards work in all cities?

Yes, Lyft gift cards can be used anywhere where Lyft’s service is available.

Is there a limit on how many gift cards you can redeem on your account?

There’s no specified limit on gift cards that can be added to your account.

Your Lyft Journey Begins Here!

Lyft gift cards not only ensure a comfortable and safe ride but also provide the benefit of controlled expenses and an easy gifting solution. Now that you’ve got the ropes, why not let them make your rides easier? Remember, like a great journey, it’s all about making the ride worthwhile!