How to set up geo-targeting and what are its advantages?
How to set up geo-targeting and what are its advantages?

How to set up geo-targeting and what are its advantages?

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Digital marketing is all about showing the right person the right thing to increase revenue and sales and make the most of the marketing budget. Many marketing techniques come under the umbrella term of digital marketing, and one such technique is geo-targeting, which is 80% more effective than other marketing techniques. Geo-targeting is simple to understand and set up and has many advantages.

What is broad geo-targeting?

Broad geo-targeting means showing content and ads to an audience located in the specified location and excluding the remaining audience. It is used a lot in ad campaigns to increase conversion rates and in websites to improve the experience of the targeted web traffic.

Advantages of geo-targeting

Geo targeted traffic has many advantages, 

  • It saves your marketing budget by showing your ads to only relevant audiences and filtering out irrelevant ones, so you don’t have to pay for clicks that won’t convert.
  • Easy to set up, monitor and adjust according to your requirements and observations gathered from statistics and analytics.
  • Creates brand awareness among potential customers so that you don’t have to buy targeted website traffic and divide those potential customers into groups to show them more personalized ads.

Easy setup in the interface

It’s easy to set up geo-targeting in the interfaces of popular marketing mediums like Facebook and Instagram. All you have to do is 

  • Go to the location option while setting up the ad campaign and add the location you want. Depending on your budget and requirements, you can go as broad or as specific as you want. You can select an entire country as your geo-specific audience or choose people in certain cities or in a specific radius as 
  • your target audience.

Division of potential customers into segments

You can divide your geo-target audience into groups or segments depending on their age, gender, profession, interests etc., to show them more personalized ads. It is an excellent way to make the most out of your marketing budget and increase brand awareness. Most people call it a great targeted traffic to website strategy, and you don’t have to buy targeted website traffic with it as those personalized ads will build a solid clientele, and people will be coming to your website on their own.

Monitoring campaign statistics and the ability to adjust them

You can further improve your geo-targeting strategy by trying different locations, monitoring their statistics and adjusting accordingly. You can try some low-competition locations; if you get a good conversion rate from there, then great otherwise, you can choose a more dense location and vice versa.

Screening out irrelevant visitors

You can screen out all irrelevant visitors that don’t reside in your target location and can save yourself from paying for clicks that have no or little conversion potential.

How to set up geo-targeting in Google Adwords

You can set up geo-targeting in Google Adwords in a few simple steps and can get great results from it. You set your geo-targeting as broad as an entire country or two countries or can make it extremely specific by targeting people within a 5 km radius of the targeted location. You can set your geo-specific audience on Google Adwords by targeting through location and radius. 

For the location option, you can target or exclude multiple locations by entering their address or name and then setting up a radius to expand or compress your audience. 

To get more results you can also try free targeted traffic generator.

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