How to Pay NY Tolls Without E ZPASS
How to Pay NY Tolls Without E ZPASS

How to Pay NY Tolls Without E ZPASS

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Navigating through New York’s toll roads, bridges, and tunnels can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not equipped with an E-ZPass. In this guide, we will delve into the various alternatives to help you pay for the NY tolls smoothly and conveniently, even without an E-ZPass. Let’s demystify the myriad ways of paying tolls in the Empire State.


New York offers several efficient and practical ways to pay your tolls. While E-ZPass is the most widely used electronic toll collection system, you are not left out in the cold without one. This post unveils multiple other payment methods, shedding light on how you can stay on the right side of the law while cruising along New York’s vast roadway network.

How to Pay NY Tolls Without an E-ZPass

Even without an E-ZPass, paying New York tolls remains a straightforward and stress-free process. Three main alternatives offer different degrees of convenience, timing, and mobility: Cashless Tolling through Tolls by Mail, mobile payment apps like Pay Toll(s) Now, and rental company toll programs.

Option 1: Cashless Tolling – Tolls by Mail

When driving without an E-ZPass through tolling points, the cashless tolling system becomes your best friend. Here’s how to utilize it:

  1. Pass Through: As you drive through a tolling point, overhead cameras capture an image of your license plate.
  2. Bill Generation and Delivery: A toll bill is then generated based on the license plate capture and mailed to the registered vehicle owner’s address.
  3. Receipt and Payment: Upon receiving the bill, you can pay in one of several ways:
    • Online: Visit the Tolls by Mail website and follow the instructions to pay.
    • By Mail: Use the return envelope provided to mail your payment.
    • By Phone: Dial the customer service department and follow the prompts to pay your bill.
    • In Person: Stop by an E-ZPass Customer Service Center to make your payment directly.

Option 2: Mobile Payment Apps

If you want to pay your toll immediately, using mobile payment apps like ‘Pay Toll(s) Now’ is an ideal way to go about it. Let’s elaborate on how it works:

  1. Pass Through: Drive through the cashless tolling point undeterred, like you would with Tolls by Mail.
  2. Open App and Enter Details: Launch the app and enter details about your vehicle and the toll booth or location you just passed through.
  3. Immediate Payment: Pay your toll directly within the app using a credit card or any accepted digital payment method.

This method is convenient for those who wish to pay on-the-go and not worry about checking mail or missing due dates for bill payment.

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Option 3: Rental Car Company Toll Programs

If you’re renting a car, the rental agency may offer their toll program. Here’s how it works:

  1. Opt-In Program: The agency will offer you the choice to participate in their toll program at the time of rental. Inquire about it upfront.
  2. Drive Through Toll Points: Go through toll points as usual, without needing to stop or slow down for toll collection.
  3. Payment Add-On to Rental Bill: The toll cost will be added to your final rental bill. The agency may charge additional service fees for this convenience.

Alternatively, some rental agencies offer temporary E-ZPass tags that allow you to enjoy the same benefits as a regular E-ZPass user.

By understanding and utilizing these options, you can easily navigate NY tolls without an E-ZPass.

Remember, while the E-ZPass offers convenience and discounts, you’re not lost without it. With these options, you can continue to navigate through the state’s toll roads, bridges, and tunnels smoothly and efficiently. Safe travels!

Points to Consider When Using Tolls by Mail

The Tolls by Mail system is user-friendly, but there are several crucial points to bear in mind:

  • Timely Payment: It is essential to pay your toll bill in a timely fashion. You are typically given a window of 30 days from when the bill is generated to make your payment.
  • Late Fees: If for some reason, the payment is not made within this timeframe, you will be subjected to a late fee. This amount varies, so it’s advisable to check it in your mailed bill.
  • Address Update: Remember to keep your vehicle registration information, especially your address, up-to-date. It will allow the bills to reach you without delay or error.
  • Avoid Violations: Unpaid tolls can amount to a violation in New York. If the payment is not made after several reminders, it can result in a Notice of Violation, carrying additional hefty fines.
  • Lost Bills: In case you lose the mailed bill or for some reason, the bill does not reach you, you can access your bill online through the Tolls by Mail website using your license plate number.

The Advantages and Limitations of Tolls by Mail

Like all systems, Tolls by Mail has its pros and cons:


  • Efficiency and Convenience: The system allows you to travel without any stop or delay at tolling points, ensuring your journey remains efficient and convenient.
  • Flexible Payment Methods: Payment can be made using varied methods – online, by mail, over the phone, or in person.


  • Electronic Billing: While the system does offer email billing, one has to register for it explicitly. It might be a hurdle for people trying to reduce paper usage.
  • Discounts: Tolls by Mail customers do not get to avail themselves of the discounts that E-ZPass users enjoy.

By understanding the Tolls by Mail system in New York, drivers can easily navigate the toll roads, bridges, and tunnels, enjoying a hassle-free journey without the need for an E-ZPass.

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New York E-Toll Apps: Pay Toll(s) Now

How it Works

There are various mobile applications like Pay Toll(s) Now, available to pay your New York tolls conveniently. Once you’ve moved through a cashless toll zone:

  • Open the application and input requested details about your vehicle and the toll booth/location.
  • Pay instantly within the app using your Credit Card.

Renting a Car? Here’s What to Do

Renting Agency’s Toll Program

When renting a vehicle, the renting agency may offer you the option to participate in their toll program. The cost of tolls would be added to your rental bill. It’s essential to inquire about this upfront.

Temporary E-ZPass Tags

Alternatively, you can opt for a temporary E-ZPass tag if you are renting a vehicle. This allows you to enjoy the discounts and convenience that come with E-ZPass without opening a personal account.

Final Thoughts

Efficiently navigating through New York’s toll system without an E-ZPass is feasible and uncomplicated. Whether it’s utilizing the Tolls by Mail service, apps like Pay Toll(s) Now, or opting for the toll programs offered by rental companies, you have versatile options at your disposal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Could I pay NY tolls without an E-ZPass? Absolutely, there are several alternatives to E-ZPass, such as Tolls by Mail, e-toll apps, and rental agency toll programs.
  2. What if I don’t pay my NY toll? If you don’t pay the toll by mail within 30 days, you will be subjected to an additional late fee.
  3. Can I pay my NY toll before I receive a bill? With applications like Pay Toll(s) Now, you can make immediate payments after passing through a toll booth.
  4. Where can I pay my NY tolls in person? You have the option of paying your NY tolls in person at a customer service center.
  5. What happens if I miss a toll booth in NY? If you miss a toll booth, the toll will be mailed to the vehicle’s registered owner.
  6. How do I know how much my toll fee will be? You can use the Thruway Toll Calculator to calculate the toll fee.
  7. Do all NY tunnels and bridges have toll fees? Most, but not all, tunnels and bridges in New York are tolled. It’s best to check on the official NY Department of Transportation website.
  8. Does NY offer cash payment alternatives for tolls? Yes, Tolls by Mail is one such alternative where the toll bill is mailed to the vehicle’s registered owner.
  9. Will I get a discount if I don’t use an E-ZPass? E-ZPass users often benefit from various discount plans. However, those without an E-ZPass can still navigate through the NY tolls using alternatives like Tolls by Mail and Pay Toll(s) Now.
  10. Can I pay NY tolls without an E-ZPass while renting a car? You can opt for the rental agency’s toll program or use a temporary E-ZPass tag. Always inquire about the toll payment processing if you’re renting.

Remember, while E-ZPass is a common convenience, you can keep cruising without one! Safe travels!