[NEW] How to Open a Laundromat With No Money!

If you are looking for is how to open a laundromat with no money, this article is ideal for you. A laundry is a lucrative venture where customers pay a set amount of money to make use of washing machines and dryers. It’s an investment that will yield promising returns.

Who wouldn’t want clean clothes? To maintain the highest standard of cleanliness, it is essential to clean your house regularly. With a busy work schedules, it’s difficult to manage your work and home life.

That’s the place to start your business venture in the laundry industry. Based on the capital you have available and market you want to target it is possible to start small or big.

The good news is that technology is here and you can now purchase coins-operated machines for laundry. Additionally, there are machines that allow customers to swipe their cards or use smartphones to make payments for services.

How to Open a Laundromat With No Money Down

Laundromats are a fairly simple enterprise to run as the main aspects of a laundromat’s operation are self-service. But, when you begin a business in a laundromat it is common to have charges for the initial setup. There are, however, some ways to start a business in the laundromat sector with no or little money down. There are grants for businesses or starting a laundry business at your home

How to Start a Laundromat With a Business Grant

As opposed to loan, grant are money that are given to fulfill a specific reason that you do not have to repay. You may be able to start a laundromat no cost by applying for grants, but you’ll likely need to obtain multiple grants. We looked into a variety of business grants that you might be eligible to open your own laundromat and have listed them below:

Small Business Grants

The United States Small Business Administration (SBA) gives grants to companies, but they may have to raise a portion of the money. Most of the time the SBA offers grants to non-profit government, educational, or companies, however you may nevertheless apply for grants from the SBA even if your company isn’t in one of the categories. [1] If the SBA is unable to approve a grant, it can provide other small business resources that may help. It is also possible to search for other grants from the government on grants.gov.

Local Grants

A few city, county and state-run programs, in addition to certain credit unions and banks offer grant-based programs for small-sized companies. For example is there is the Bank of America Charitable Foundation provides hundreds of millions of dollars worth of grants every year to help initiatives for community development, which includes small business start-ups. [2] You can contact your local bank to find out about any grants it offers, or check with your local Chamber of Commerce to find out more about city, county, or state government grants.

Grants for the Disabled

A few government agencies and private entities offer grants for those with disabilities. Some programs, like that of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs the VR&E Self-Employment track is specifically designed to disabled veterans. [3]

How Much Money Can You Make Owning a Laundromat?

The annual revenue from one single laundry can be anywhere from $30,000 up to $1 million, and expenses could range from the 65% and 115 percent of the gross revenue. Source

Then, you can earn quite a bit of money from having a laundry facility, however the amount you’ll keep is contingent on the way you manage your laundry’s expenses.

What are the kinds of things that could affect the cost of your laundry? Here are a few most frequent costs that the laundromat can incur:

  • Rent
  • Utilities (water, sewer, gas, electricity)
  • Insurance
  • Repairs and maintenance of machines
  • The cost of employee payroll and other related expenses
  • Other expenses like cleaning, bathroom and vending machines (if appropriate)

As you can see that being efficient and effective in running your business is an essential part in the amount of money you earn from your laundry.

Before you start to think about the billions you’re likely to earn you should be aware of these points:

1. Competition

It is vital to examine your competition. Understanding the services that your competitors offer and the price they charge for them is vital.

For example, you might notice that your competition doesn’t offer folding services that give you the opportunity to profit from the same services.

The analysis of competitors will help you comprehend the work ethics of customers and their needs to ensure a smooth operation.

2. Expenses

You will need to make a decision on numerous expenses in the budget planning stage because they could have a significant impact on your income.

Particularly it is important to consider how much you’ll be required to pay for electricity and water..

For savings consider using energy efficient washing machines. The same way it is important to consider the benefits and drawbacks of leasing or buying new appliances.

3. Services

It is crucial to specify the services you’ll offer. You could offer the services of a coin laundry solely or blend different services to make the most of your earnings..

These include folding and washing laundry, laundry and picking up, or perhaps an amalgamation of all of the previously mentioned. The objective is to create only the services that you are able to handle to ensure satisfaction of customers.

4. Marketing

Your customers should have a sense of presence as well as the services you offer. This will require specific strategies for marketing that draw customers.

You could, for example, utilize social media advertising or billboardsto get your customers in the right way. You can also create a blog to talk about the progress of the laundry industry and its products.

This could make you stand out as an expert, in addition to providing you with the opportunity to answer questions and create a community that will be a loyal client. It is crucial to remember that marketing is a cost however, if it is done properly it can yield higher returns.

5. Management

The operation of a coin-laundry is an ideal opportunity to be your own boss. That means that the control and decisions begin at you and continue to be made by.

Thus, even if employ employees, you should regularly visit your laundry facility to ensure cleanliness and address any potential issues.

Is it possible to open a laundromat with no money

After you have a better understanding of how much money a laundry could earn, you may be inspired to start one now.

But what happens if you’ve no money?

But, you’re not lost. Actually, the majority of people who begin a new company will do it using borrowed funds.

Here are some options to help you start an unpaid laundromat.

  • Equipment financing for laundry (100 100% financing is available)
  • Laundry equipment for lease
  • State, federal corporate, and state grants
  • Credit Cards
  • Working with investors
  • Buyer financing (when purchasing an existing laundry)
  • Make use of the funds you have accumulated taken from HELOC
  • Take advantage of a peer to loan
  • Lease Out Vacant Laundromat

I believe that the majority of these choices are easy to explain However, I will dig into some that require an explanation.

With the expense for starting a business, you’ll likely require one or more of these strategies together to help cover the cost (as well as using more traditional ways of financing, such as SBA loan or even bank credit).

What is the Success Rate For a Laundromat?

According to Laundrylux.com, laundry facilities have an average success rate of 95% over a five-year period.

Is a Laundromat a Good Investment?

Laundromats are an investment worth it. Based on Martin Ray, laundromat businesses could yield between 20 and 35 percent ROI.

If you mix the impressive return on investment with other financial advantages that laundromats offer, such as its low percentage of failed laundry, absence of seasonality, resilience to recessions, and their ability to operate in an predominantly passive manner it is possible to end up with a very attractive investment.


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As with all of the figures and data included in this article, we’re focusing on estimates or averages, which means that the actual results could be different.