[FULL REVIEW] Is Redbubble Safe And Legit? Update 2022


Is Redbubble Safe – Redbubble is a popular alternative to many companies. It offers artists and companies the opportunity to create custom-made clothing. What’s the point of it? Is it worth the hype? Redbubble can live up to its promise and help you run a profitable, slim business.

What’s Redbubble?

redbuble [FULL REVIEW] Is Redbubble Safe And Legit? Update 2022
redbuble website

Redbubble was established in Melbourne, Australia by the company. Redbubble now has offices in San Francisco, Berlin and London. Redbubble sells T-shirts and hoodies as well as prints and other unusual products like duvet covers and cushions.

The company offers an artist-friendly membership for those who have the copyrights to their works. It allows them to keep their prices at their discretion and decide what products they will show with the images.

According to reports, the company had more than 500,000 artists active and 28 million visitors to its website every month in December 2020. Over 10 million people have purchased products in the last 10 years.

Redbubble Hoodies and T-shirts, dresses and canvas prints are all available. Customers can also choose the artwork they prefer from a trusted seller, then have it customized to their item. Redbubble will then take the order and make the customer’s dream a reality. It will deliver it to their home within three weeks.

Redbubble Company Information

Official Website https://www.redbubble.com
Founded 2006 by Martin Hosking
Owner Redbubble Limited, Tp Apparel LLC
Localization Melbourne, Berlin, San Francisco
Contact Customer Service Email: Support@redbubble.com US Phone: (510) 387-5028
Social Media Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

What Kinds Of Products Are Available At Redbubble?

Redbubble offers a wide range of products and ensures that their customers receive high-quality, top-quality products. Their printing quality is superior to many of their rivals. There are many products you can choose from. Each category offers hundreds of products, as well as a few editions. These are the categories available on Redbubble:

  • Men’s
  • Bags
  • Stickers
  • Gifts
  • Women’s
  • Home Decor
  • Wall Art
  • Stationery
  • Kids & Babies
  • Device cases
  • …. and so many more

You can choose as many categories and as many items as you wish. All the items you choose will have your designs printed. You should choose different sizes of photos for your plans to print on the various products. While a plan may look great on a shirt, it might not look as beautiful on dividers. Remember that your goals must be clear before you can choose a plan.

Is Redbubble Legit?

Redbubble is legal and safe for both artists and customers. Redbubble is an Australian company that has been praised for its professionalism and offers artists and consumers great deals.

Artists can find it difficult to create products.

Redbubble removes a lot the risk of selling your designs online.

The company allows artists at all levels of talent and popularity to make money, which makes it easier for new artists to do what they love.

Redbubble allows small-to medium businesses, YouTubers and Streamers, TikTokers and other content creators to make their own merchandise.

Redbubble is not a site you should be concerned about.

Redbubble can be proven legitimate for artists and consumers in many ways.

5 Reasons Why Redbubble Legit

1. Secure Payment Options

Redbubble provides many secure and reliable ways to pay your products and get payment as an artist.

Redbubble must link all orders to a billing account that matches the type of payment you select to avoid being scammed by them.

Redbubble accepts Visa, Mastercard or American Express cards as well as Redbubble Digital Gift Card, PayPal and Apple Pay.

2. Third-Party Printers Used in Customer’s Area

Redbubble uses third party print shops in the same region as the customer who bought an artist’s creation.

Redbubble will decide which printer is the best for you and your product type once a customer has placed an order.

Orders of a variety products should be expected to arrive at different times.

There is no guarantee that all your products will arrive at the same time because they are shipped directly from print shops and not curated at Redbubble like Amazon.

Redbubble has products currently printed in the United States of America, Australia, Canada, France and the Netherlands.

Redbubble can usually help customers avoid paying customs taxes by using third-party printers whenever possible.

3. Investigate Website Security Problems Proactively

Redbubble recommends you contact their Customer Success Team immediately if you have any concerns about your order or security.

Redbubble recognizes that customers and artists can provide a great way for Redbubble to get an outside view of its products.

Redbubble must give its team sufficient time to properly investigate and resolve the problem when it begins to investigate it.

Redbubble warns against criticizing the company too soon after it has been affected by a problem. Instead, address the issue through the company before venturing online.

Redbubble’s website has a security flaw that you should not exploit.

You can keep your safety first by ensuring that you only use redbubble.com, and any associated services.

4. Does It Have A Strong Social Responsibility Policy

Redbubble, unlike most companies that wait until problems are reported by the public before investigating them, is proactive in providing Social Responsibility to their customers.

Redbubble recognizes the importance of understanding how your business decisions impact your stakeholders.

International businesses need to be aware of how their actions affect their customers and employees. They also need to monitor the impact on their host markets, and the environment.

Redbubble considers the ethical production of third-party contractors when hiring them.

Manufacturers should only source high-quality clothing and adhere to certain standards for employee treatment.

5. Redbubble Partner Program Offers Official Fan Art

Modern artists face the challenge of navigating situations that require copyright or licensing knowledge.

Redbubble is happy to assist small artists in the tricky world of fan art.

Redbubble is one website where you can find official fan art.

Redbubble makes it easier than ever to license art from your favorite subjects.

Redbubble’s Partner Program allows brands to sign licensing agreements. This allows artists to create official merchandise for a variety brands.

The brand partnerships currently include Alfred Hitchcock and The Last Unicorn, Dune. Jane the Virgin, Schitt’s Creek. Star Trek, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Jaws, Charmed, Chris Farley and many other pop culture hits.

Artists will be expected to follow their own guidelines when working with brands through Redbubble.

Is Redbubble Safe To Buy From?

Redbubble is a legitimate website to purchase items. Redbubble is an authorized website for buying items. Redbubble has been in operation since 2006 and enjoys a great reputation among customers. Although there have been some issues with the quality of the products sold by Redbubble, most customers are satisfied with their Redbubble purchases. It is a legit website that is safe to use. Artists have the option to set their own prices and retain their copyright. Buyers can feel confident they are buying quality products from a trusted source.

Redbubble has received a lot of positive reviews, which shows that it is safe to purchase products. Redbubble allows customers to purchase a variety of expressions and prints. Prints can include material craftsmanship prints, shirts and hoodies as well as tights and realistic shirt dresses. Redbubble allows you to make secure purchases and not be misled.

The quality of Redbubble items is rated between 4 and 5 stars moderately. This shows how safe the stage and how high quality the items you can get by purchasing them in the commercial centre. You can also buy in the commercial centre very easily. Simply go through the center, choose your favorite item, then submit your request. Once you have completed your checkout, you can be confident that your item will be delivered to you.

It doesn’t matter how much you make about the platform’s security. The stage has established safety measures that stop bots from spamming it and taking client’s private and monetary information. The online platform uses a manual human test security system to prevent bots from flooding the site.

It is important to create a plan of craftsmanship that you have or want to have. An email confirmation will be sent to you with details about the workmanship, including the cost and delivery information. Redbubble customers will receive an email confirming that they have received your request. The interaction will then begin.

Is Redbubble Legit For Artists?

Redbubble is an excellent option if you are looking for an easy and quick way to sell artwork. However, it has a high price tag and requires a lot more work to get customers.

Redbubble is the best platform for artists looking to make money and sell prints of their work. If you are looking to sell custom-made, print-on-demand artwork online, this is the place to start.

The marketplace connects buyers and sellers to make it possible to close a transaction. Redbubble will pay you promptly for the art that you sell.

Redbubble offers a free account for your first Redbubble account. Redbubble is a popular platform that artists love to recommend to others. Artists can sell their work on Redbubble without worrying about being ripped off, or losing any money.

What is the shipping information for Redbubble?

Shipping time:

Shipping can take between 7 and 14 days, but some reviews indicate that it may take longer.

Shipping costs:

Redbubble offers two types of transportation: Standard and Assisted. Although Facilitated transportation is more expensive, you will get your request faster. Redbubble claims that transport costs are calculated based on the delivery location and the order in which the package was sent. The site also mentions that multiple items may be shipped from different locations, which can increase the transport cost.

How to Track Redbubble Orders?

Only a handful of orders offer tracking information for packages. After the third-party seller has printed your shipping labels, they will email you a tracking code.

Which Countries Do Redbubble Ship Their Packages To?

Except for Iran, North Korea and Syria, delivery is possible. Because of the Pandemic, some transportation might not be possible.

What Is The Customer Service Review For Redbubble?

Redbubble boasts an excellent client service, but a closer look at the client reviews reveals a different picture. Some client reviews showed a lackluster level of satisfaction. However, there were more positive reviews than negative ones.

Few clients were unhappy with the items they received. Redbubble will offer credit and discounts to clients who are unhappy with their order. According to client reviews, client support can be difficult to reach. Rudbubble didn’t answer many of the reviews that were left.

How to Cancel Redbubble Orders

Redbubble allows clients to drop their requests by creating an online structure. Redbubble can then drop the request with an outside merchant. Redbubble will then issue a credit coupon that can be used in their store. Redbubble cannot drop the request once the item has been shipped. The item should be returned or traded.

Does Redbubble Have Discount/Promo Codes?

Redbubble allows you to get a discount when you purchase multiple items in the same category. You can also get a rebate code by becoming a member, downloading their application or allude to a companion. Redbubble also offers rebate codes from outside coupon locations.

Redbubble Returns Policy

Redbubble wants you to be satisfied with your purchase. Redbubble allows returns for most items within 30 day of purchase.

Redbubble can issue a Return Merchandise Authorization form (RMA) to allow you to return your item. All items must be returned in the original packaging (unworn, unworn, undamaged) and with all tags.

We will process your return within 3-5 business day and send you an email confirmation. Your original shipping costs are non-refundable.

Conclusion Redbubble is Safe and Trustworthy?

The majority of the time. Redbubble has a Google Score of 4.3 stars. The overall rating on other review sites is closer to 3.5 stars. Many people feel that the product’s quality is not reflected in the art printed on it. Some people also find it annoying that shipping takes so long.

Redbubble has an exchange program. There are some reasons that Redbubble allows returns. It could be difficult to get a refund if customers leave negative reviews. To exchange an item, you will need to pay return shipping. Lastly, I doubt that most positive reviews have comments.