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Credit One Login , Reward , Payment , Types, Fee and Benefits – Credit One Bank, headquartered in Las Vegas, primarily focuses on two types of products : completely and partially secured credit cards. In its nearly 40 years of operation, the bank has offered more than $105 million in cash-back rewards for its 10 millioncardholders.

Credit One Bank has many credit cards that are specifically designed for people with fair to excellent credit range and also offers cash-back rewards on everyday purchases. It’s additionally the credit card of officiality of large teams of sports and corporations including NASCAR as well as NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights, and the NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders.

This review will examine and explain each of the Credit One Bank credit cards to determine which one could be the right fit for you. It is also possible to determine whether you are pre-qualified for these cards prior to when applying. This means you’ll be able to find out which cards are qualified for and what type of charges apply to the card before you apply without risking a negative impact on your score. Let’s take a look at which Credit One Bank credit cards are available!

Online Account Access

Customer Service – Help & Pay By Phone

  • Credit One Credit Card toll-free number, accessible all hours of the day, every day 1-877-825-3242

Credit Card Payment Address

Credit One Bank

Payment Services

P.O. Box 60500

City of Industry, CA 91716-0500

Are Credit One Bank Reputable?

Credit One Bank is a credit card business that has bad reputation due to the high cost of its services and its lack of basic services. Credit One Bank offers credit cards to people who have poor credit. But it is charged numerous fees that it may be taking advantage of those who don’t have many options for credit cards.

Here are some examples of the difficulties that arise with Credit. One:

Credit One charges fees for credit limit increase and “express payments,” meaning the payment is processed immediately. The majority of card issuers provide these services at no charge.

The annual costs for Credit One credit cards are significantly higher than competitors’ credit card with comparable or better features.

After one calendar year Credit One may start charging you monthly fees rather than an annual one. This means that you’ll be faced with an invoice to pay each month, even if don’t use the credit card.

Katrina Niemisto, an SEO Content Strategist at The Ascent, was a cardholder of Credit One Bank and gave an honest account of how expensive it could be.

“The biggest surprise for me with Credit One was the fees that kept popping up. I knew it wasn’t a great credit card because my limit was only $600, but was still shocked to find that there was a monthly fee and more fees for things like paying your credit card statement. When they offered me an extended limit to $1,500, I thought it would be with the same card. But sure enough, raising my limit opened a SECOND credit card with them. I prioritized paying off these cards and closed them to stop the bleeding from my wallet.”

Benefits of the Credit One card

Cashback rewards

For all Credit One cards, including ones for those with weak credit scores, you’ll receive cashback rewards on your purchases. Rewards vary from 1% cashback on a select set of purchases, up to 5% cashback on certain types of purchases, and 1 percent back on all other purchases.

There is no security deposit needed

None of these cards require an initial security deposit This means that you are able to begin building credit without having to pay a huge sum of money (though you could still have be responsible for an annual cost).

Credit score for free

You can join a free credit score service, which lets you check your credit score as well as your the summary of your credit report online.

The reports are sent to the major credit bureaus.

Credit One reports to all three major credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion and Equifax) every month, assisting you build credit history.

Credit line grows

Credit One reviews your account every few months. By using credit cards in a responsible manner it is possible to increase your credit score which could help increase the score of your credit.

Prequalify online

Credit One lets you prequalify for its entire range of products online without a hard credit check. You can determine if you’re eligible for an offer and the kind of offer you might be eligible for prior to deciding whether or not you want to apply.

Zero fraud liability

If you inform Credit One immediately of unauthorized charges, you’re not accountable for the charges.

Pick your payment due date

If the default due date for Credit One isn’t working for you, you may choose the date that you want to pay.

More Rewards program

You can earn an additional 10% money back on your purchases when you enroll for special deals through credit one’s more rewards program.

Best Credit One Bank Credit Cards

Platinum Rewards Visa

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The Platinum Rewards Credit Card that comes with Cash Back Rewards is a card that comes with the annual cost of $95, however it also offers an effective cashback rewards program which can be used to pay the annual cost. You can earn 5% cashback rewards for the first $5,000 in eligible purchases made on groceries, gas, satellite television and mobile phone service every year, followed by one percent thereafter. When you’ve spent at minimum $5,000 on groceries during the course of a year, you’ll earn $250 cashback before you reach the cap on earnings. It also has the higher credit limit of $500, which makes it a great choice for people with a good credit score.

In addition, if you have between 660 and 850 credit and love the idea of earning rewards on your grocery purchases then you must look into the Blue Cash Preferred ® Card from American Express. It has a higher cashback on U.S. supermarket purchases.

Score required Please refer to the website for more details

Rewards 5 cashback rewards for the first $5,000 in eligible purchases of groceries, gas, internet as well as satellite TV, cable and mobile phone services every year. This increases to one percent after that.

Credit line minimum $ 500

APR: 23.99% Variable

Annual fee: $95

Credit One Bank Wander Card

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If you’re a fan of traveling then you’ll love the Credit One Bank Wander Card is actually a fairly decent travel rewards card offering benefits specifically targeted at amusement and national park enthusiasts. The cardholder earns bonus points at amusement parks as well in hotels and restaurants. With a annual cost of $95 that’s actually an affordable rate for purchase of travel items. Cardholders who are new to the program also get access to a statement credit of $80 towards a national park ticket within their first year.

The points you earn are easy to redeem. You can use them for statements in increments of 1000 at one cent for each point. Points can also be exchanged to purchase gifts, merchandise and much more.

Score required 600-850

Rewards You can earn 5X points for eligible amusement and recreational park purchases 3X points on hotels and restaurants that qualify and 1X points on other purchases

Credit line minimum of $500

APR: 23.99% Variable

Annual fee: $95

Credit One Bank American Express Card

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Credit One Bank American Express Card Credit One Bank American Express Card has a annual $39 fee, however, it provides unlimited cash reward for all purchases, and more specifically traveling benefits as well as protections for purchases from American Express. It’s possible to have some limitations on merchant acceptance due to it being an Amex card, however there are some advantages, for instance, you’ll get advantages, such as 90 days insurance against theft and damages for eligible purchases.

Score required 600 – 850

Rewards Unlimited Cash back rewards of 1% on any purchase

Credit line minimum of $300

APR: 23.99% Variable

Annual fee: $39

Credit One Bank ® Platinum Rewards Visa ® With No Annual Fee

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This is the only credit card offered by Credit One with a $0 annual cost in its terms, making it one of the top choices in this selection. It’s a good option for earning rewards while building credit You’ll earn 2percent cash back on eligible grocery and gas purchases, as along with mobile phone and internet services, cable as well as satellite television services. The terms apply, and you don’t have paying an annual cost. However, you won’t receive any cashback outside of the limited earning categories. If you’ve got good credit and a good credit score, you could get better cashback credit cards.

Score required between 720 and 800

Rewards Earn 2percent cash back on eligible grocery and gas purchases, as along with mobile phones and internet, cable and satellite TV, conditions apply.

Credit line minimum of $300

APR: 26.24% Variable

Annual fee: $0

Credit One Bank ® Platinum X5 Visa ®

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With an annual cost of $95 for the credit card, the Credit One Bank ® Platinum X5 Visa ® includes an inferior rewards program than the two above cards The card only gives 1percent cash back on a narrow list of categories. But, it’s not the best choice for anyone trying to build credit score. If you’re not able to qualify to take advantage of the offers above it is worth checking this card.

Score required between 660 and 800

Rewards Earn cash-back rewards of 5% for the first $5,000 in eligible grocery, gas Internet, cable satellite TV and mobile phone service purchase every year, and one percent thereafter. In addition, you earn 1percent cash back rewards for all other purchases. conditions apply.

Credit line minimum is $300.

APR: 26.24% Variable

Annual fee: $95

Credit One Bank® NASCAR® Credit Card

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Credit One Bank® NASCAR Credit One Bank® NASCAR® Credit Card is one of the many cards offered by Credit One targeted to consumers who are trying to repair their credit. It has an annual fee of $39 to $999, and provides cash-back when making NASCAR purchases. It also provides discounts, exclusive deals and other special offers that are exclusive to NASCAR. If you’re an avid NASCAR lover, it might be a great opportunity to boost you credit.

Score required 300-850

Rewards Cash back reward on eligible gas and car purchases, and double cash back rewards when you shop at NASCAR Shop. NASCAR Shop, terms apply

The minimum credit limit Minimum credit line: $300 line (reduced by an annual fee you pay -(e.g., e.g. If you have an annual $99 fee your credit line will be $201)

APR: 23.99% variable

Annual fee: $39-$99

Vegas Golden Knights Credit Card

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Like that of the similar to the Credit One Bank® NASCAR® Credit Card This card is designed specifically for people who are fans of Las Vegas’ hockey team. The card charges an annual fee of between $0 and $75 for the initial year. Then, it’s $0 to $99 is the limit. But, although it has special offers as well as discounts specifically to Golden Knights fans, it does not offer a cashback reward when you make Golden Knights purchases. Instead, you’ll get cashback of 1% across a range of categories, similar to other credit cards. Credit One Bank ® Platinum X5 Visa ®.

Score required between 720 and 800

Rewards 1% cash back reward on eligible purchases

The minimum credit limit Minimum credit line: $300 line (reduced by the annual fee you pay — e.g. for instance, if you pay $99 annually for fee your credit line will be $201)

APR: 23.99% Variable

Annual cost From $70-$75 for the initial year. After that, $0 up to $99

Best Friends® Credit Card

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If you love animals The most suitable Friends® Credit Card provides reward points on purchases for pets and also offers a little extra for your furry companions which is it makes a donation of one percent of the eligible purchases for the Best Friends Animal Society. With an annual cost of $0 to $39. this card is an excellent alternative for pet owners who is looking to boost the credit rating of their pet.

Score required Between 720 and 800

Rewards Cashback 5% rewards on pet stores that are eligible as well as pet food and other pet stores purchases up to the first $5,000 of each calendar year. Then, 1percent thereafter.

Credit line minimum of $300

APR: 23.99%

Annual fee: $0-$39

Six Flags® Rewards Visa

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The fans of the amusement parks should consider an opportunity to take a look at the Six Flags® Rewards Visa a closer examination. Along with the generous points earned on Six Flag purchases, the card also offers a decent amount of points when you purchase fuel, food and accommodation. The card is available to those with 720 – 850 credit score, with those at the lower end of this spectrum able to pay an annual fee of $0 to 39. This is a good bargain for anyone looking to increase their credit score, but those with better scores might be better off.

Score required Between 720 and 800

Rewards You can earn 3X rewards on Six Flags purchases, 2X points for gas, food and lodging purchases as well as 1X points for any other purchase

Credit line minimum is $300.

APR: 23.99%

Annual fee: $0-$39

WWE® Champion Credit Card

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The WWE® Champion Credit Card is a great option for those with 600 – 600 credit scores who are avid fans of sporting events. For $49 per year this card gives you cash-back on all of your purchases and bonus points on specific areas, such as TV, mobile phone , and dining out. The benefits specifically for WWE members aren’t as extensive -You’ll receive a specially created card, as well as access to exclusive promotions by WWE. The cashback rewards on the card provide a incentive to sign up to help cover the annual cost each year.

Score required 600 – 660

Rewards 3 percent cash back on eligible purchases of internet television, satellite and cable as well as mobile phone service purchases. 2.2% cashback on dining-in eligible purchases. cashback rewards of 1% on all other purchases that are eligible

Credit line for minimum is $300.

APR: 23.99%

Annual fee: $49

WWE® Superstar Credit Card

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Credit One offers a second WWE-branded card to those looking to repair their credit score and credit score, it’s the WWE® Superstar Credit Card. Similar to it’s counterpart, the WWE® Champion Credit Card it is similar to the WWE® Superstar Credit Card is a card with a distinct appearance and offers WWE promotions. However the cashback rewards are restricted to a couple of categories of spending and the annual cost is quite expensive. There are secure credit cards which permit you to build credit with no annual fees and with much better rewards.

Score required between 0 and 300

Rewards Earn cashback of 1% on eligible purchases of internet television, satellite and cable as well as mobile phone purchases, in addition to meals that qualify for credit

The minimum credit limit of $300 (reduced by the annual fee you’re granted — e.g. for instance, if you pay a $99 annual fee the credit line would be $201)

APR: 23.99%

Annual cost $75 for the first year. after which it is $99 for the following year.

How to make the most your Credit One card

If you make the right use of these cards, you’ll be able to improve your credit score, and eventually qualify for bigger credit lines and more expensive cards. Here are some helpful tips to get the most value from the new card you have received:

Utilize your card each month. It is impossible to build credit history without making use of your credit card. To make it easier start by putting an regular purchase like gym memberships onto your card, and make sure you make sure to pay it back each month. You’ll be on the way to improving your credit score.

Don’t overcharge. It’s easy to fall over your head when you use credit, so make the easy route with your brand new credit card Instead of reaching for a shopping on a spree, begin with a couple of small expenditures every month, and increase from there.

Do not carry a balance. You should pay it off every month. Not only will this stop you from accumulating debt, but it also helps keep your credit utilization at a minimumwhich is a key element in credit scoring.

Pay the balance when your account statement is closed. It is a good idea to pay your balance in advance so that the payment is allowed enough time to be processed. You’ll avoid the burden of paying interest and penalties.

Conclusion One Login , Reward , Payment , Types, Fee and Benefits

If you have a good credit score (or better) it is possible to locate other credit cards that offer higher rewards and benefits However, Credit One Bank has an excellent rewards structure that is better than average for those who have poor credit.

Credit One Bank offers many credit-building benefits and features that, together to the low annual costs and the ability to raise your limit on credit create a winning combination. If used with care this card could be the one that you need to boost your credit score and earn cash-back rewards as well!