23 Companies Looking For Product Testers
23 Companies Looking For Product Testers

23 Companies Looking For Product Testers

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Imagine being one of the first to experience cutting-edge products and sharing your insights directly with the companies behind them. Product testing is a thrilling venture that grants you access to new and unreleased items, from gadgets and beauty products to household essentials and beyond. Companies are eager to gather feedback from real consumers like you, and this has opened doors for individuals to participate in the product testing process. In this guide, we explore the world of companies looking for product testers and how you can become a part of this exciting opportunity.

What does it mean to be a product tester?

Being a product tester means getting the chance to test and review new products before they are officially launched. Companies seek honest feedback from testers to refine and improve their offerings before releasing them to the public.

Why do companies look for product testers?

Companies value the insights of real consumers to ensure their products meet customer expectations. By involving testers in the process, they can identify potential issues, gather feedback, and make necessary adjustments.

What are the benefits of being a product tester?

Being a product tester comes with several benefits:

  • Early Access: Testers get to try new products before anyone else, enjoying a sneak peek into the latest innovations.
  • Influence: Your feedback can directly influence product development, making you an essential part of the creative process.
  • Rewards: Many companies offer testers rewards, such as free products, gift cards, or even cash, as a token of appreciation for their time and effort.

20 Companies Looking For Product Testers

For individuals interested in trying out new products and providing valuable feedback, the following list offers 20 companies known to seek product testers.

1. Apple

Apple’s Beta Software Program allows users to test software and provide high-tech feedback.

2. Microsoft

Microsoft often seeks testers for new features and capabilities in its products.

3. Google

Google’s User Experience Research invites users to test new products, apps, and services.

4. Philips

Philips provides product testing opportunities for a variety of its electronic products.

5. Sonos

Sonos looks for beta testers to try out new audio equipment and products.

6. Reebok

Reebok’s product testing program often requires testers for sportswear and footwear.

7. Adidas

Like Reebok, Adidas seeks product testers for athletic footwear and apparel.

8. Nike

Nike has a testing program where selected testers receive products to try and provide feedback on.

9. Samsung

Samsung often has product testing opportunities for its broad array of electronic devices.

10. Sony

Sony explores user experience through its First Look program.

11. Puma

Puma’s testing program requests feedback on performance of their sports products.

12. Under Armour

Under Armour has a program for testing advanced sports gear and apparel.

13. Sephora

Sephora offers opportunities to test and review beauty and skincare products.

14. Estée Lauder

The Estée E-List loyalty program allows testing of beauty products.

15. L’Oréal

L’Oréal offers product testing for its makeup, skincare, and haircare lines.

16. McCormick

McCormick seeks testers for its variety of food products and spices.

17. Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A frequently seeks feedback through tasting panels at certain locations.

18. Bosch

Bosch offers product testing for a range of home appliances.

19. Mattel

Mattel seeks feedback on new toys and games for children.

20. Hasbro

Hasbro’s FunLab program allows children and families to test new toys and games.

These companies look for ordinary consumers to test their products, providing them useful insights to perfect their products.

Finding Product Testing Opportunities

Venturing into the realm of product testing can be advantageous in different ways, such as the capacity to influence future products, free or discounted products, potential pay, and the enjoyment of trying out products before they are widely available. However, finding these opportunities is the first stepping stone. Let’s explore some avenues to unearth product testing opportunities:

Company Websites

Many companies run product testing programs directly. Regularly visit the- websites of brands you’re interested in and look for links to product testing, beta testing, or review programs in the site’s footer or search bar.

Market Research Websites

Market research companies often engage users for product testing and focus groups. Websites such as Vindale Research, Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and Toluna list numerous product testing opportunities and online surveys that offer rewards.

Product Testing Websites

There are dedicated websites like BzzAgent, PinchMe, Influenster, and Product Testing USA explicitly designed to connect companies with product testers. Register on these platforms, complete your profile, and apply for the products you wish to test.

Social Media Platforms

Brands frequently announce product testing opportunities on their social media channels. Follow your favorite brands on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to stay updated about their product testing programs.

Consumer Panels

Consumer panels, like the Home Tester Club, McCormick and Schmick, L’Oreal Product Testing, and the Glamour Beauty Club, operate within specific industries. Join the consumer panels related to the type of products you’re interested in testing.

Direct Outreach

Finally, consider directly reaching out to companies you’re interested in testing for. A polite email expressing your interest can sometimes land you a spot on their product testing panel.

While finding product testing opportunities can initially seem demanding, familiarising yourself with these sources and setting up a routine to check them regularly can increase your chances of unlocking these opportunities. Also, diversifying the platforms you use can allow you to encounter a wider variety of product testing jobs.

What types of products can I test as a product tester?

As a product tester, you can try a diverse range of items, including:

  • Beauty Products: Makeup, skincare, haircare, and more.
  • Electronics: Gadgets, smart devices, and tech innovations.
  • Food and Beverages: Snacks, drinks, and culinary delights.
  • Household Items: Cleaning supplies, home decor, and appliances.

Are there any requirements to become a product tester?

While requirements may vary depending on the company, most only require you to be a consumer willing to provide honest feedback. Some companies may target specific demographics for certain products.

Tips for Becoming a Successful Product Tester

To become a successful product tester, follow these tips:

  • Complete Profiles: Fill out your profiles on testing platforms thoroughly to stand out to companies.
  • Be Active: Engage with brands on social media and interact with their content to show your genuine interest.
  • Provide Detailed Feedback: When you test products, offer detailed feedback that showcases your insights and observations.

What should I consider before accepting a product testing opportunity?

Before accepting a product testing opportunity, consider:

  • Time Commitment: Ensure you can allocate enough time to thoroughly test the product and provide feedback within the given timeframe.
  • Product Relevance: Choose opportunities that align with your interests and lifestyle to ensure your feedback is valuable.

Can I participate in product testing if I have no prior experience?

Yes, prior experience is not always necessary for product testing. Companies value feedback from various perspectives, including those of individuals new to the testing process.

The Product Testing Process

The product testing process typically involves:

  • Application: Apply for testing opportunities on various platforms or websites.
  • Selection: Companies will review applicants and select testers based on specific criteria.
  • Product Delivery: If selected, you will receive the product to test at your doorstep.
  • Testing Period: Use the product as instructed during the testing period, taking notes and gathering insights.
  • Feedback Submission: Provide detailed feedback through surveys, reviews, or questionnaires.

Is confidentiality important during product testing?

Yes, confidentiality is essential during product testing. Companies may require you to sign nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) to protect their unreleased products from being shared publicly.

Can I keep the products I test?

In many cases, testers get to keep the products they test as a reward for their valuable feedback. Some companies may also offer additional incentives, such as gift cards or cash.

Is there a community of product testers I can join?

Yes, many product testers form online communities where they share experiences, tips, and testing opportunities. Joining these communities can enhance your testing journey.

How can I connect with other product testers?

You can connect with other product testers through:

  • Social Media Groups: Look for product testing groups on platforms like Facebook or Reddit.
  • Testing Platforms: Some testing websites have forums or chat features for testers to interact.

What are some benefits of being part of a product tester community?

Being part of a product tester community offers advantages such as:

  • Networking: Connect with like-minded individuals and expand your network within the testing community.
  • Sharing Knowledge: Learn from others’ experiences and gain insights on how to be a more effective tester.
  • Exclusive Opportunities: Some companies may exclusively offer testing opportunities to members of their tester communities.

The Impact of Product Testing

Product testing plays a significant role in shaping product development:

  • Identifying Issues: Testers can identify flaws or issues that the company may have overlooked.
  • Refining Features: Feedback from testers helps companies refine product features and functionalities.
  • Improving User Experience: Companies use tester feedback to enhance the overall user experience of their products.

Can product testers influence a product’s launch?

Yes, product testers have the power to influence a product’s launch:

  • Positive Feedback: Positive feedback from testers can boost a product’s confidence and encourage its timely launch.
  • Necessary Adjustments: If testers identify areas of improvement, companies may delay the launch to make the necessary adjustments.

How can I make my product testing experience more impactful?

To make your product testing experience more impactful:

  • Be Thorough: Take your time to thoroughly test the product and provide detailed feedback.
  • Be Honest: Offer honest and constructive feedback, both positive and negative, to help companies make informed decisions.
  • Communicate Clearly: Clearly communicate your observations and suggestions to ensure they are understood.

Renowned Companies Hiring Product Testers

Several renowned companies have established product testing programs as part of their quality assurance processes. Let’s take a closer look at two case studies.

Case Study: Apple’s Product Testing Program

Apple, a leader in technological innovation, has a dedicated program for product testing. They invite individuals to test their latest software updates and provide feedback on user interface, functionality, and performance. Apple values the input of its testers and considers it essential in refining their products.

Case Study: Nike’s Product Testing Opportunities

Nike, a global sports brand, offers product testing opportunities to fitness enthusiasts who can provide valuable insights on the performance and comfort of their athletic gear. Their goal is to continuously improve the quality of their products and ensure they meet the needs and expectations of athletes worldwide.

The Benefits of Being a Product Tester

Gaining Experience in the Industry

Becoming a product tester offers numerous benefits, one of which is gaining valuable experience in your chosen industry. As a product tester, you have the opportunity to work closely with industry professionals, learn about the product development process, and gain insights into the inner workings of the companies you test for.

This experience can be a stepping stone to other roles within the industry, such as quality assurance, user experience testing, or product management.

The Perks of Testing Unreleased Products

Another exciting aspect of being a product tester is the opportunity to test unreleased products before they hit the market. You get to experience cutting-edge technology, innovative designs, and unique features before anyone else. This firsthand experience can be both thrilling and rewarding.

Being among the first to test new products allows you to provide valuable feedback that can shape the final version and contribute to the success of the product.


As a product tester, you hold the key to influencing the development of innovative products that will shape the market. Your honest feedback and insights can make a significant impact on companies, ensuring that they create offerings that resonate with consumers. By joining the community of companies looking for product testers, you can enjoy the excitement of trying new products and sharing your voice. Embrace the opportunity to be a part of the product testing journey, where you play a vital role in the world of innovation and consumer experience.