Best 13 Content Syndication Platforms + Everything You Need To Know!


are you looking for content syndication platforms?If your job is as either a B2B marketer or B2C writer, the main objectives include spreading the word about your brand, and assisting the creation of demand among your targeted customers. If you’re already using an SEO-driven approach to content marketing and strategy, a content syndication plan will help you increase the reach of your message and increase traffic to your site.

Let’s take a look at the concept of content syndication and how it can be a powerful marketing strategy, and how you can select the right syndication provider.

What is Content Syndication?

Within the broad scope that is content marketing the creation of content that adds value to the lives of your users is only one aspect. Another equally important aspect that you can incorporate into your marketing strategy is the distribution of content. It’s the ugly cousin to an extremely efficient online marketing strategies currently used.

and Content Syndication is among the elements that make up content distribution. It’s the process of publishing your content on a third-party website using slides, infographics, videos or thumbnails, snippets of text, or even the complete content. This makes sure that your content is available on your content on all potential platforms that your customers could be on.

A “syndicate,” by dictionary definition, is “a group of individuals or organizations combined to promote some common interest.” In media, this means legally publishing someone else’s content, typically in exchange for a fee or credit. The modern buzzword “licensed content” is often used interchangeably with “syndicated content.”

CS-1-1 Best 13 Content Syndication Platforms + Everything You Need To Know!
Best 13 Content Syndication Platforms + Everything You Need to Know!

If you are able to syndicate content the original content you created is shared across various platforms for syndication of content. Most of the time, this involves making your feeds accessible directly from the source using the right tool for content syndication.

When you publish your own content generally grant full rights to the platform or tool to modify, remove and share your content.

Utilizing a good blog syndication tools can help to increase brand awareness and build backlinks. And who doesn’t want to get free (low costs) backlinks!

A well-thought out syndication strategy can bring a myriad of advantages to companies and people who work in content marketing:

  • Your marketing messages will get to more customers thanks to the massive audiences the content syndication networks give access to.
  • In reaching people who are searching for solutions similar to yours, syndicated content may increase lead generation.
  • Content that is syndicated can give your website an SEO boost, as every duplicate piece of content is linked to your site.
  • A content syndication program will save marketers lots of time and produce higher and better outcomes than any one piece of content has ever.

Why You Should Syndicate Content

Content syndication can be a cost-effective method to increase the size of your content marketing in a short time. It can be used to expand your reach without the need to develop new content from scratch from scratch, and squeeze every bit of ROI from the content you’ve already created. You’ll notice an increase in web traffic when readers from other websites click on your site.

It is also possible to find syndicated content to be an extremely effective leads generation device. For third-party platforms, you can send your message to those who aren’t yet on an purchase.   They might be able to return later when you’ve created some positive brand associations, and establish yourself as an industry-respected voice.

Content syndication shouldn’t harm your SEO ranking if it is done carefully on top-quality platforms. It could even aid in improving it.

3 Types of Content Syndication

A number of sites publish syndicated content, however it’s not always obvious at first. If you’re reading an article on a site and you see notes such as “originally published on” …” the original publication” or “republished with permission” it’s a sign that they are accepting syndicated content. Also, you can review their submission guidelines or ask them directly.

Content platforms that are syndicated can be classified into three groups, based upon their costs:


Sites that accept submissions previously published to be published in curated publications are great and will give you exposure for free. But, depending on your field they could be difficult to locate and could have high standards for the content they accept.

There are platforms and syndication platforms that will post your work and ensure that it is seen by an audience for a fee. The majority of these websites are based on cost-per-lead that can range between $20 and $80.


Some platforms permit their users to make blog posts and post content. They are usually free, and users can publish anything that fits within the guidelines of the platform’s content. However, the downside is that they don’t usually provide the majority of curating content for their customers.

Does Content Syndication Harm the SEO Value of Your Content?

A piece of content syndicated is in essence duplicate content. It’ll be the exact content as the original post on your blog and word-for word. It may have slightly different formatting rules, or maybe the title is updated and there are new images when the piece is posted on a different website. However, the rest is exactly the identical.

Utilizing the power of duplicate content might appear as if you’re killing two birds, and cutting your marketing efforts for content by half, it is important to know a few dangers to be aware of. Selecting the appropriate content syndication service will help reduce these risks and ensure that both your original piece of content and the duplicate content maintain their SEO-related value.

If you’ve been publishing online content for any period of time, you’ll know that issues can arise when you post duplicate content. In general, search engines will decide which content is most relevant to the user’s intention of searching and will only index one specific instance.

Content syndication websites overcome this issue by telling search engines which source the content originally came from in order that the original publication is indexed and is able to reap all SEO advantages.

The most popular method to ensure that your syndicated content remains SEO-friendly is by partnering with syndication service providers who incorporate an canonical rel=tag on their websites. This tag basically tells Google that there exist multiple versions of the site and only the primary version should be indexed. The rest of the page will be available to visitors, but you will not lose out in the SEO benefits. Meta noindex tag to a website is a similar way to accomplish the same purpose.

Best 14 Content Syndication Platforms

This list is of the best-rated platforms for content syndication you need to be aware of by 2022.

1. Infographic Syndication

Infographics and charts and written content are great for syndicating.

Create a profile for your clients by submitting photos to a community center.

Readers will be able embed your chart or infographic on their own sites by cutting and pasting the embed code you have provided.

You can make amazing charts and presentations with built-in templates in two easy steps, using the syndication networks: Piktochart, Venngage, and

It is possible to create visual content in addition to infographics. Pages for landing also contain lots of visual elements.

Additionally, you can design attractive landing pages using tools such as Unbounce.

Utilizing tools such as Unbounce, you can design attractive landing pages. With no technical knowledge you can design landing pages using the drag-and-drop builder.

Sticky bars and pop-ups can be easily added to enhance leads generation strategies.

2. Video Syndication

For publishers of digital videos the need for a distribution strategy is crucial. Platforms for video-syndication like YouTube and Ooyala are the best way to distribute their content to distributors.

The mere fact of syndication isn’t enough. It must be optimized to get more views.

VidIQ is suggested for this. Utilizing this platform for content marketing it is possible to conduct keyword research, research your competition, and analyze the effectiveness of your videos.

It also informs you about the latest subjects so that you can make relevant videos and expand the number of viewers you reach.

3. LinkedIn (Freemium)

LinkedIn can help companies find potential customers and builds their brand.

With both free and paid opportunities for content syndication It is among of the most popular syndicator networks.

InMail and sponsored content and dynamic ads are the main components of this paid-for syndication.

4. Medium (Free)

Medium allows direct publishing for images, content audio, video, and photos.

It’s an open forum that allows readers to explore new thinking, as well as experts and undiscovered voices to publish their thoughts on any subject.

It is completely free and anyone is able to sign up. Writers can write stand-alone articles and contribute articles with selected stories or even create publications that are their own.

Through this site, members are able to post comments and debate the original content and other syndicated material.

5. Slideshare (Free)

The network is comprised that is comprised of LinkedIn collaborations. Slideshare offers a variety of content that spans professional disciplines.

Users can upload demos and slides that inform and educate.

It’s now as one of the most visited 100 websites, with more than 18 million files uploaded in 40 categories. Over 80 million professionals utilize SlideShare to get knowledge on the subject from experts.

6. Quora (Free)

With Quora, business leaders and professionals are able to showcase their knowledge and expertise in certain areas.

Giving answers to other’s questions can help improve their visibility and help build professional brand.

In the simplest sense, it offers the opportunity to inquire about their needs and to connect to people with unique perspectives and can provide high-quality answers.

7. Outbrain (Paid)

Outbrain advertises on big websites such as CNN, People, and ESPN through its Content Marketing Platform.

Around 557 million users use Outbrain every month. It assists brands in monitoring data on their audiences and generate income while also identifying and reaching the right audience.

8. Taboola (Paid)

Platform for discovering content Taboola gives local positioning on the top websites.

Marketers and publishers can make use of the technology available to make content available to customers and earn revenues through traffic.

Taboola is not just a place to provide personalized content to one billion users per month, but it’s also among the top syndication platforms.

9. Scoop.It (Paid) has grown into a valuable tool for professionals and businesses to share information.

In the current internet-connected and SEO time, content is the primary factor that determines their online presence and defines their specific areas of expertise and helps them gain new customers and businesses.

10. Stumbleupon (Free)

Our next recommendation for most popular syndication network is StumbleUpon.

It allows you to save your favorite websites Follow people and your interests and even publish articles.

You can also explore popular trends in articles, pictures videos and articles, and make lists of your top websites.

StumbleUpon also offers advertising-related paid discovery services.

11. Tumblr (Free)

Tumblr is a dashboard site which provides users with live feeds of the blogs they follow.

You are able to engage via these articles at any moment because they’re automatically displayed.

There’s space for every single activity, making the management and filtering process extremely easy.

12. Audio Syndication

Audio content is highly engaging rate.

Audio platforms such as SoundCloud and iTunes permit marketers to distribute their own content via podcasts.

With radio or audio ads allow you to target specific segments at a affordable cost. No matter what type of kind of audience your client requires to reach, there is the right station to reach them.

13. Reddit

Reddit has become the cornerstone of pop culture across the globe. Its diversity and something for everyone means that it is able to reach a wide range of users on a daily basis.

Reddit is a favorite among those who enjoy nerdy topics because of reasons.

It offers information on nearly every human field.

There are subreddits dedicated to programming, languages, philosophy molecular gastronomy any other topic that you are interested in.

Is a Content Syndication Platform Necessary?

The most difficult task for marketers is getting more leads. A platform for syndication of content is a method of targeting and obtaining information from potential customers.

Although there are some free options that don’t need a content syndicating platform, they require longer and require more effort as you manage each step yourself. A platform for content syndication lets you connect to more publishers and provides you with the information you require for identifying your target audience and evaluating the outcomes.

A content syndication platform could be more than just a gateway to a syndication system. For example ActualTech Media’s syndication solutions include tools to assist you in creating strategies for content syndication which includes our customized content. These templates make creating assets effortless, so you can create high-quality, valuable content that you can distribute to your accounts.

Our expert team is ready to offer assistance and support throughout the journey of syndication of content. They will recommend the most effective resources to use, remove leads that are not of high quality to ensure that your list is accurate and also provide top-quality tracking and reporting features to ensure you get tangible outcomes.

Conlusions : Effective Content Syndication Creates More Leads

Content syndication isn’t an absolute method for marketing through content. If you make content available on unrelated, low-quality websites it could reduce your rank in SEO without generating any prospects. But with a carefully planned content marketing plan and the proper platforms, there’s not a reason to be scared of content syndicating. If done correctly it can bring many advantages and could increase your reach and improve your SEO.

Content syndication could be an integral part in your content marketing strategy but it’s not the sole element. You must still create high-quality, original content frequently to have the ability to drive visitors to your site. The most important thing is for these leads to stay on your site and start their journey to becoming buyers.

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