7 Simple Tricks to Optimize Your iPhone's Storage
7 Simple Tricks to Optimize Your iPhone's Storage

7 Simple Tricks to Optimize Your iPhone’s Storage

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When you need to get rid of something, it is difficult to make the right choice. Considering that it is physically impossible to increase iPhone storage, we have to clean up the memory. You are not required to sacrifice personal data. Why? Because there is something on your device that is not of particular value and can be deleted without fear. Here is how to get more space on your iPhone.

How to Free Up iPhone Storage?

#1 Optimize photo storage

Photos can be one of the main culprits when it comes to taking up precious space on your iPhone. Do you know what a simple and convenient solution is? Move photos to iCloud, and keep trimmed versions of photos on your phone. They will be in the worst resolution, but at any time they can be downloaded in their original state.

The high-resolution photos and videos are stored securely in iCloud, and you can easily download them whenever you need them. To ensure this feature is activated: open the Settings app, scroll down to Photos, and make sure you see a blue checkmark next to the Optimize iPhone Storage option.

#2 Remove outdated apps

You must have apps that you haven’t used in a while. Everyone has them. How about starting with them. You can always download them again if you need them in the distant future. Access your iPhone’s Settings menu, tap on General, and navigate to iPhone Storage. Here, you will find a list of your apps, displaying the amount of space each one occupies and the last time it was used. Simply scroll through the list and consider deleting those apps that have been dormant for an extended period.

#3 Carry out smart cleaning

Do you need to clean up more memory on your device? It’s pretty easy to do this with smart cleaning. This is a function of a dedicated iPhone cleaning application. You can find the App Store download button and install it on your device in seconds. After its activation, a garbage search will occur. If you delete the found data, you can boost your phone. The application only removes duplicate files, downloads, temporary files, and other junk. You can not worry about personal data, they will not be affected.

#4 Offload apps

If you want to temporarily disable an app without deleting its settings, like when you need to free up space for an iOS update, Apple allows you to offload them. They’ll stay on your home screen, but you’ll need to tap to re-download them to access them again. Locate the app in the storage list, tap it, and choose Offload App. You can also set up automatic removal of apps you don’t frequently use. Simply go to Settings, then App Store, and toggle on Offload Unused Apps.

#5 Wade out of the stream

Photo Stream is a fantastic way to effortlessly share your precious moments across iOS devices. All you need is to activate it on your Apple devices, and whenever they’re connected to the same Wi-Fi network, the photos taken on one device, such as your iPhone, will automatically show up on others, like your iPad. With My Photo Stream, you can keep up to 1,000 photos beautifully organized (Opens in a new window). If having your photos stored on a single device satisfies your needs, simply turn off Photo Stream by navigating to Settings > Photos and switching off My Photo Stream.

#6 Delete old messages

Not only photos, videos, and apps can take up storage on your iPhone. Deleting old text messages can also be beneficial. To automatically delete your message history, go to Settings, then select Messages and tap on the Keep Messages option under Message History. From there, you can choose how long you want your iPhone to retain text messages: 30 days, one year, or indefinitely.

#7 Delete images from Messages

One way to save space on your iPhone is delete images that have been shared via Messages. This method is useful if you don’t want to delete a large number of images all at once. It allows you to free up space by selectively deleting.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open the conversation containing the images.
  2. Tap and hold an image within the thread. Above the image, you’ll see reaction icons like hearts and thumbs up. Look for a further menu at the bottom.
  3. Tap on “More” to access additional options. You’ll notice small circles next to each message and image. The image you tapped and held will already be selected.
  4. Now you can select multiple images (or other files) by tapping on them. Once you’ve made your selections, tap on the bin icon located at the bottom left of the screen to delete them.


The question of cleaning the iPhone will continue to arise in front of you again and again while you are actively using it. This is not a problem with the phone, but with the fact that memory capacities are still very limited. Just periodically clean your smartphone and you can ensure good performance and keep the data on the device up to date.