7 Reasons Why You Need to Get a Health Insurance
7 Reasons Why You Need to Get a Health Insurance

7 Reasons Why You Need to Get a Health Insurance

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We are in an era where health threats and diseases are continuously rising, therefore the importance of health insurance cannot be neglected. High medical expenditure disturbs the budget and savings, especially in old age when income becomes low. However, no one wants to depend on someone else for financial help. In such a situation, the benefit of Health insurance comes into play and offers financial protection and peace of mind by providing coverage for unforeseen medical expenditures. In an era where medical treatments are becoming advanced and healthcare expenses are continuously rising, health insurance has become a necessity rather than an option.

Whether it’s about routine checkups, hospital charges, medical expenses, unforeseen emergencies, or serious injuries, good medical insurance plays an important role in getting treatment without cutting the daily expenses. Health insurance is important not only for existing medical conditions but also for unforeseen incidents like emergencies, accidents, sudden illness, etc., that no one can predict. Health insurance also allows you to get regular screenings, vaccinations, and wellness checkups, which help to detect any health issues early on. In this blog, we will discuss different reasons why health insurance is important to maintain good health and well-being.

Covers Medical Expenses

We all are aware of the rising medical problems and the high costs associated with their treatment. Health insurance is a comprehensive safety net that provides financial aid for medical expenses. It covers the costs of medical tests, treatments, surgeries, hospital stays, medical checkups, transportation charges, and prescriptions, which can otherwise cause a hole in your pocket due to high cost. The costs of such huge expenses go beyond your savings and put a financial burden on the whole family. Besides this, as we know, life is uncertain and unpredictable; therefore, the risk of emergencies and accidents is always present. These unforeseen incidents cost you thousands, even lakhs, of dollars. However, health insurance again comes as your savior in such a situation and pays up to 80% of the amount of treatment. Additionally, as people age, illnesses grow more common, and treatment is expensive. In such a situation, it’s essential to get a Medicare plan that covers all the medical costs and saves you from a substantial financial burden. However, people who want additional coverage can checkĀ  https://www.medisupps.com/medigap/how-to-apply-for-medigap/. This provides complete information about applying to Medigap plans, which are the best supplement plans to fill the gaps left by the original plan and further reduce out-of-pocket costs.

Protect Your Savings

Good healthcare insurance saves you from spending your savings on high medical expenses and instead using them for some beneficial investment or purposes. Medical emergencies are unpredictable, and the treatment costs are high, which impacts your financial stability. Health insurance functions as a safeguard, ensuring that your savings are not depleted, and you don’t have to make difficult financial decisions due to unforeseen medical bills. However, a lack of proper health insurance can drain your savings completely and push you into debt, which causes high stress and tension.

High-Quality Treatment

There is a misconception that the quality of treatment under healthcare insurance is low. However, the truth is health insurance has a network of reputed hospitals, skilled doctors, and top-class facilities to ensure high-quality treatment for the patients under health insurance coverage. There is no need even to pay the hospital bills or medical charges as the doctors directly settle the medical bill with the insurance company. Furthermore, they have a network of specialized doctors in several sectors to give you innovative therapies and advanced treatments at a lower cost. During an emergency, you can obtain the best possible care from a reputed doctor without worrying about the cost.


Changes in Lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle has negatively transformed the way we live and increases the chances of major health problems like obesity, back pain, diabetes, respiratory problems, cardiac problems, etc., at a younger age. The rising level of pollution, contaminated food, stress, hectic work schedules, etc., results in health conditions that continue to worsen over time. In such a scenario, health insurance comes to rescue you from such an unhealthy lifestyle by arranging wellness programs and providing regular checkups, screenings, vaccines, gym memberships, dietary counseling, weight reduction help, and smoking cessation assistance.

Mental Health Support

Chronic stress is the most common health issue adults face due to fast-paced lifestyles and never-ending competition. Stress leads to anxiety and depression, which affect the body in the most negative way. High stress is the reason behind low immunity, high BP, weight gain, stroke, diabetes, etc., which are some serious health issues. The treatments for mental health problems are costly, and not everyone can afford them. However, health insurance plans take responsibility for providing top-class mental health services like therapy, counseling, medication, and treatment.

Covers Pre and Post Hospitalization Expenses

When there is a medical problem, you can never directly get the treatment. There are lots of health checkups and tests that need to be done before and after the treatment. Before treatments, the doctors always order diagnostic tests to clearly understand the stage and extent of your illness. Such tests include X-rays, MRIs, blood tests, urine tests, etc., which can cost a considerable amount of money. However, many health insurance plans cover the cost of these tests and save you from the additional out-of-pocket costs for such tests. Besides that, consultation, medication, and specialist fees are some of the pre-hospitalization expenses that your health insurance plan covers. Now, the medical expenses do not stop even there. There are post-hospitalization expenses like lab testing, follow-up appointments, prescriptions, and rehabilitation that your health insurance plan covers.

Income Tax Rebate

People who pay a premium for health insurance can get the benefit of an income tax rebate due to tax deduction under section 80D of the Income Tax Act. If you take health insurance for

  • Self or your family, the maximum deduction is Rs 25000.
  • Self and family plus parents (below 60 years), the maximum deduction is Rs 50000
  • Self & Family (below 60 years) plus Parents (above 60 years) the max deduction is Rs 75,000
  • Self, Family and Parents (all above 60) its 1,00,000


In conclusion, we can state that our health is our topmost priority, and appropriate healthcare plans offer financial protection to lessen the burden of medical bills. From covering costly medical expenses to providing high-quality medical treatments, these healthcare plans aid in providing peace of mind. This financial help can let you concentrate on your health and overall life goals rather than worrying about prospective medical bills. Many people believe that their health is good and that healthcare plans are only necessary for those who have health issues. However, accidents and emergencies are unpredictable and if they occur, will leave you with a hefty medical expense. In such conditions, if you have health insurance, the burden of treatment and prescription drugs gets reduced. It safeguards your health, finances, and future by preparing you for every health challenge that may come your way.