Symptoms Kidney Diseases

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Symptoms Kidney Diseases – When the air temperature around you are warm, yet your body feel chills, or at the time of you are urination and urine that coming out seen by you suddenly to be murky color. It means you should be vigilant and cautious, because the visible sign was indicated that there was something serious in the kidneys yours, or in other words, the trouble has started toward your kidneys.

Recognize Kidney Diseases by Appearance of the Symptoms

Recognize Kidney Diseases by Appearance of the Symptoms

According our Health and Beauty’s dictionary, at this time kidney disease has caused many casualties, and this may still many of yours that do not realize it. Well, so you were able to detect early the kidney disease, so it’s good if you recognize the symptoms of kidney disease, which is caused it. Here are some of the symptoms of kidney disease that need your attention and needs to be watched, among others:

1. There is a change in our urine. The initial symptoms of kidney disease is the change in the number or frequency of urination us. Such changes may be visible, like its increase or its decrease amount of urine or frequency of your urinate, especially at night. Urine color is darker look. And you may also experience difficulty and pain when disposing of urine this.

This can occur and cause urinary tract infections, which then can cause and trigger symptoms such as pain or burning during urination. Well the problem that developed later is when the infection spreads to your kidneys, you will feel the fever and it can cause pain in your backs.

2. Blood in the urine. Further symptoms that occur from renal disease is the mixing of blood in the urine or urinating. It really needs your serious attention. At such a stage you should soon meet and consult with the nearest doctor or your family physician. By getting the reliable monitoring of the medical personnel will be able to monitor every change in the urine, especially when blood appears in the urine spots.

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3. The occurrence of swelling. As we know that the function of the kidneys is to remove wastes and fluid are not required and the remaining of the body. At the time of the kidney organ cannot function properly and was not even able to work as it should, then the excess fluid in the body can not be removed by the kidney completely. The result will be a buildup of fluid in several organs, which can cause swelling, such as the hands, feet, ankles, and face you.

4. Feeling very tired and weak body. One kidney function is also to produce a hormone called erythropoietin. This hormone causes a decrease in red blood cells in the body, which is causing anemia. At the moment you have kidney problems, then there are also any other side effects that you have to be accepted it, which appear later and harm, ie decreased ability of oxygen delivery to the body’s cells. With a reduced supply of oxygen in the blood and into the cells of the body, it causes weakness and incredible fatigue that body felt, perhaps extreme precisely.

5. Feeling dizzy and reduced ability to concentrate. Anemia associated with kidney disease, in addition to interfere with the blood supply to the cells of the body and blood, it may also impede the flow of oxygen to the brain. This then causes the headache. In some cases it also causes a decline or reduced concentration problems.

6. Feeling cold body all the time. If the kidney organ in your body is disrupted and lead to the development of kidney disease, it is usually the general body may feel cold even though the air around you feel warm. This can occur because due to the effect of the lack of blood cells or anemia. In addition, a kidney infection (pyelonephritis) is known to cause fever and chills.

7. The incidence of skin rash and itching. In patients with kidney failure, in which the kidneys organ cannot perform its function perfectly, it will lead to the accumulation of impurities in the blood. This of course can cause itching and severe skin rashes.

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8. Nausea and vomiting. The waste buildup in the blood on the kidney failure patients can cause nausea and vomiting. Kidney failure causes the level of urea in the blood (uremia) increases. Urea is then broken down into ammonia in saliva that causes bad breath that can cause nausea and eventually vomiting.

9. Often experience shortness of breath. Kidney disease causes the liquid to spread to the lungs. On the other hand, anemia as a side effect of kidney disease have led to reduced oxygen supply on the both of kind of supplies it, from and to the body. Two factors are then triggered and cause you experience difficulty in regulating breathing, or shortness of breath.

Similarly, few things about the symptoms that they appear and they can be felt in people with kidney failure disorders. By recognizing the appearance of the symptoms of kidney disease, then you can determine and take steps as well as preventative actions so that this disease does not become deteriorated for the sufferer. Hopefully you can reap great benefits to your health from the article to recognize the symptoms of kidney disease.


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