Natural Tips to Whiten Teeth Fast and Easy

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Natural tips to whiten teeth fast and easy – Yellow teeth are often become the one of cause of someone become an inferior person, low self-esteem and difficult to get along. Besides, the yellow teeth also indicate that the teeth are unhealthy and can damage the health of the body such as the mouth and gums. Therefore, if you are one of many people who experience health problems in the teeth, perhaps you can read it to solve your problems completely and naturally.

Natural Tips to Whiten Teeth Fast and Easy

Natural Tips to Whiten Teeth Fast and Easy

The way of whiten the following manner teeth actually do not need to do if you are diligent in cleaning and dental care. But for those of you who already have yellow teeth, you’d better see some the teeth whitening tips, the natural tips to whiten teeth fast and easy, below.

What causes yellow teeth?

Before this article explains how to whiten teeth yellow, you must know first what could cause your teeth yellow or unhealthy, including:

– Lazy brushing teeth or brushing teeth that you do not really.

– It turned out too often drinking the coffee and the herbal teas can also cause teeth to yellow.

– According to our Health and Beauty’s dictionary, the effects nicotine can make the teeth become yellow. So, if you want to prove it, you can find it on the smokers’ teeth.

– The use of eye drops in excess.

– Often consume beverage supplement or energy drinks.

– The drugs of tooth whitening that do not fit, and so on.

If your teeth are yellow, meaning you often make bad habits as already mentioned above. Well, now let’s look at some tips to whiten your teeth color back.

How can whiten teeth naturally, quick and easy?

Dental care is not only can be done by means such as brushing your teeth with a toothpaste that is branded, but we also should be able to avoid bad habits that can cause your teeth to yellow. In addition, you can also do some natural tips to whiten teeth fast and easy, as follows:

1. Using the siwak to whiten teeth

Dental care can also be done using Siwak or miswak are branches or roots of trees that can be used to clean the teeth, gums and mouth. This method is already done Muslims since antiquity to maintain the cleanliness and strength of teeth. All the branches or roots of Salvadora Persica trees can be used for cleansing the teeth because they are soft and keep clean.

2. Whitening teeth with wood charcoal

The next natural tips of whiten teeth are to use wood charcoal. It’s sound weird or strange indeed, but whiten teeth with objects that clearly black, such as the wood charcoal, definitely may be done. This method is indeed a traditional way, but it’s powerful to eliminate the yellow color of your teeth. But you also have to be careful in using charcoal, the excessive of using it can damage the enamel teeth and it also can cause pain in the teeth. So you just have to do naturally.

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3. Using the orange peel to whiten teeth

Who would have thought, orange peel that you usually throw away was also beneficial. Orange peel could be used to treat teeth. Use the inside part of an orange peel that has a white color to brush your yellow teeth. Do it regularly every day and white teeth will be yours naturally and quickly. Be careful for those who have sensitive teeth, vitamin C contained therein are not suitable for the type of your teeth.

4. Whiten teeth with Strawberry

In addition to palatable, strawberries are also believed can be used to whiten teeth naturally. Consuming fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, apples, carrots, and celery are also useful as a natural ingredient of tooth whitening. You do not need to make a special potion, just consumed as usual, and your teeth will look healthy and white.

5. Whiten teeth with natural toothpaste

To make the traditional and natural toothpaste, you have to provide the bay leaf and orange peel then dried both of them till pure dry. Mash until smooth and then add water and stir to form a paste. Use natural toothpaste that you have created for brushing teeth, this potent herb to make teeth look whiter.

6. Whiten teeth with lemon and salt

You also can make toothpaste made from natural ingredients, such as lemon juice plus a little salt. Natural toothpaste that this one is believed to help whiten your teeth. But you have to remember that you should not use it too often, because according to our Health and Beauty’s dictionary, salt can damage the enamel.

7. Whiten teeth with baking soda

Next tip is to use baking soda. Baking soda is capable of removing existing stains on the teeth, but if too often used baking soda will only damage the natural layer of teeth. Therefore, you’d better use the baking soda to whiten teeth up to 1 or 2 times a month. Whiten teeth with the way of this one is an easy thing. You just have to apply baking soda to the entire surface of the teeth and let stand for about 10 minutes. After that, brush your teeth with toothpaste to clean the rest of baking soda.

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8. Whiten teeth by quitting smoking

You need to know that the cigarettes contain tar and tobacco blends that make your teeth yellow. If you really want to whiten your teeth, then you should quit smoking from now on. Besides being able to whitening the teeth, by quitting of smoking also can make your life healthier.

9. Whiten teeth using betel nuts

Betel nuts are beneficially to take care of your teeth. Betel nuts that are believed by the traditional people for thousand years ago can help to whiten teeth. The trick is to burn betel nuts until charred and pulverized until soft. Then rub betel nuts that have been refined to the teeth by using a nut coir or cotton cloth. Perform it once in two weeks. And please wait for the results. In addition to whiten teeth, betel nut can also strengthen your teeth.

10. Whiten teeth by eating dairy products

Did you know, some dairy products sold in the market such as cheese or other foods (yogurt), which contains high calcium will be very well taken to help whiten and strengthen your teeth. So multiply the consumption of foods containing high calcium, especially milk.

11. The last way is to brush your teeth regularly

The last tips, you try to brush your teeth three times every day, or at least two times a day, i.e. morning, noon and at night before you go to bed, and do not forget to choose a toothbrush that is not harmful to your gums. The good process of brushing teeth takes time at least 3 minutes. Brushing teeth also does not need loud because it can damage your gums. Perform these good habits on a regular basis so that your dental health is well maintained.

Thus, those are 11 tips to whiten teeth naturally and caring for, quickly and easily. Make a good living habits and healthy because then your health will remain well maintained, including dental health. Hopefully these ways of whitening teeth with the natural tips can be useful for those of you in particular who are reading this article.


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