Mothers Also Need To Learn To Breastfeed


Mothers also need to learn to breastfeed – That morning, after a caesarean, a nurse put the baby in the chest a mother, 31 years old, to do Early Initiation of Breastfeeding (IMD). Less than five minutes, when doctors still sew the stomach Desy, a baby girl was also achieved its mother’s nipple and suck it.

A mother was worried could not breastfeed her daughter perfectly. The first time she breast feeds, this mother admitted was wrong position on breastfeeding until her nipples was wounded. And it is really hurting, she had almost given up, but she continues to give exclusive breastfeeding for the sake of her baby. Because of mothers also need to learn to breastfeed.

Luckily, her husband is very supportive. He’s a lot of searching for information on the internet about breastfeeding, also download videos on YouTube so that his wife is easy to practice. With the hope that his wife was no longer difficulty breastfeeding her daughter.

Mothers Also Need To Learn To Breastfeed

Mothers Also Need To Learn To Breastfeed

To multiply and facilitate breastfeeding, this mother/wife increase the intake of green vegetables and fruits, as well as perform breast massage. This career woman was already prepared many bottles to place the current milk supply as her supplies for when she should work again.

What natural this mother, maybe also experienced by many other women who want to give exclusive breastfeeding to their babies. They want to be able to breastfeed comfortably, smoothly, and without any problems. But unfortunately, not all can go smoothly. Some problems arise when nursing her beloved baby.

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According to our Health and Beauty’s dictionary, actually the most of the problems breastfeeding is the position and attach that do not fit as well get prelacteal fluids in the hospital. Then the problem was spreading and causing sore nipples, engorgement, and the baby weight did not increase.

Another problem that may occur is if the mother experiences stress that milk production is not smooth or the mother should breastfeed twins. There are also other problems, such as infants suffering from hypoglycemia.

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