Hoodia Weight Loss


Hoodia Weight Loss – When it comes to weight loss there is no stone left unturned if it may help prevent obesity or offer some benefit to those hoping to drop a few pounds, especially for the benefit of their health. One of the newest weapons is hoodia weight loss by using the natural appetite suppressant.

New products seem to emerge almost daily promising to help people lose weight and since everybody’s metabolism is different, finding one product that will work for everyone has been difficult. Even many so-called natural weight loss products have been tried, but hoodia weight loss may be different since it does not claim weight loss promotion, rather it suppresses the appetite.

Hoodia Weight Loss

Hoodia Weight Loss

It is really a very basic concept that when people do not feel hungry, they rarely eat and the hoodia weight loss ingredient is found only in South Africa, growing wild in the Kalahari Desert. An indigenous food eaten by the local tribes with no apparent ill effects, its long-term use however, is still under question by American medical experts.

Plant Lists As Protected Species

The chief ingredient of the hoodia weight loss comes from the hoodia gordonii, which is a protected plant that can only be harvested by individuals and a few select companies granted a license by the South African government. Drug maker Pfizer has been working with a British company to isolate and produce an artificial form of the ingredient but has not been able to show any success.

As a result, the Food and Drug Administration has not approved any hoodia weight loss products, yet there are many companies offering it as a dietary supplement for weight loss. There have been no studies to determine its effectiveness in weight control, but according to many people in South Africa who have used the plant support the notion of its use as an appetite suppressant.

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Since the cactus-like plant, from which the key ingredient is drawn, is a protected plant in South Africa it can only be harvested by individuals and selected companies approved by the government, it remains relatively expensive. Typical advertisements for products containing the hoodia weight loss ingredient from the plant will cost over a dollar a day.

Additionally, many products being sold in retail outlets have been tested and proven to not contain the hoodia weight loss ingredients that is claimed. As much as 60 percent of the products have tested to be counterfeit hoodia weight loss products, usually due to the difficulty in obtaining the real thing.

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