Chronic bronchitis vs acute bronchitis

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Chronic bronchitis vs acute bronchitis – Bronchitis is a lung condition that affects breathing people who affected. Well, the following article will explain between acute bronchitis and chronic bronchitis.

Bronchial tubes have function to be served for the air transport. Certain factors may cause the lining of these tubes become inflamed and irritated. This condition is known as bronchitis. It can be acute or chronic. Acute bronchitis has been often in line with a complication of diseases such as respiratory infections. Whereas in chronic bronchitis, is a long-term condition that requires long-term treatment.

Chronic bronchitis vs acute bronchitis

Chronic bronchitis vs acute bronchitis

Chronic bronchitis vs acute bronchitis

Acute bronchitis

According to our Health and Beauty’s dictionary, someone who has a cold or the flu can develop to be the acute bronchitis after about 3-4 days. The main symptom is coughing. In the beginning, it usually starts with a non-productive cough, does not produce phlegm or mucus, which may develop into a productive cough. Mucus in cough may look gray or yellow. In some people, the inflammation of the bronchial tubes can cause bleeding, which can appear at any time in the mucus.

In addition to the cough, this condition may be accompanied by mild fever, chills, and feel weakness. Hoarseness and cough can occur because the patient may also experience a burning sensation in the chest. In most of the above symptoms will improve within a few weeks. However, after the suffering patients may end up, they actually have to deal with a prolonged cough, which can last up to several weeks.

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Chronic bronchitis

A person can be said to develop chronic bronchitis, if he continues to experience symptoms on a daily basis and at least for three months. And if this continues for two consecutive years, it is chronic bronchitis. In this case, the cough becomes more severe than before, and the patient may find it more difficult to breathe because of worsening conditions. Other symptoms include headache, muscle pain, and cyanosis. Chronic bronchitis is generally caused by the activity of smoking. If you have a fever along with the above symptoms, it can indicate bacterial or viral infection.

Treatment of bronchitis

Acute bronchitis is a condition of self that can be easily resolved, just by following a few steps of care at home. This includes drinking plenty of fluids, rest, and increase the humidity of the environment. Because of in most cases of acute bronchitis is a complication of a viral infection, then antibiotics may not help. However, if the doctor suspects a secondary bacterial infection, then antibiotics may be prescribed to avoid complications.

Chronic bronchitis requires lifelong treatment. One thing that is most important to treat this condition is to stop smoking. Most people stop coughing after they avoid smoking completely. Drugs are usually prescribed include bronchodilators and steroids. Bronchodilators work by dilating the airways that are covered in the lungs.

Meanwhile, steroids will be given to people with chronic bronchitis, after bronchodilator less helpful. Steroids help reduce the inflammatory response that reduces the production of sputum and produce better breathing. Other methods of treatment include a pulmonary rehabilitation program. The program includes therapies that help patients learn breathing techniques to treat the condition, and improve its ability to exercise. Patients are also advised to avoid inhalation of cold or dry air.

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Acute bronchitis can be prevented by maintaining the cleanliness and getting an annual flu vaccine. People with acute bronchitis can easily develop into a chronic condition prevented by avoiding smoking, exposure to certain pollutants, chemical vapors, deodorants, paints, etc. So, by understanding this post you may get lot benefits of the article of chronic bronchitis vs acute bronchitis.


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