Blood Sugar Levels Do Not Match, Fix It Soon

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017 - Diabetes – Blood Sugar Levels Do Not Match – Survey conducted by a national private newspaper to their readers in 2006 showed, one of the 8 people in Jakarta, Indonesia has lived with diabetes mellitus (DM). DM cannot be cured, but blood glucose levels can be controlled so that a variety of complications can be prevented.

Diabetes Mellitus (DM), also known in our Health and Beauty‘s dictionary as diabetes, is a collection of symptoms that occur in a person due to high blood sugar levels. This high blood sugar levels caused by a lack of the hormone insulin or insulin amount sufficient, but not effective (insulin resistance).

Blood Sugar Levels Do Not Match, Fix It Soon

Blood Sugar Levels Do Not Match, Fix It Soon

Sugar as a source of calories for the body’s cells, which comes into the body through food, and circulated throughout the body. Then the sugar will enter the cells of the body, such as heart, kidney, muscle, and so on. By the body’s cells, this sugar is used as an energy source.

That’s what happens to normal people. In people with diabetes, particularly type 2 diabetes, a door to enter the cell sugar (glucose transporter) is damaged, so the sugar cannot enter optimally. Of sugar cannot enter the cell, then the sugar will accumulate in the bloodstream. When checked, their blood sugar levels were high.

Because the body’s cells do not get food, too long will starve. If hunger, after a long time he will be damaged. Therefore, there are people with diabetes are also suffer of the heart disease, because the heart muscle does not get enough sugar. So they need to be dialysis, due to kidney cells do not get enough sugar. Meanwhile, some other peoples have to surrender their leg to be amputated, because the muscle cells did not get enough sugar at the time of infection. These are called a complication.

What the real steps that you have to do to fix your uncontrolled blood sugar levels?

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Keep Healthy Life Style

There are 4 types of diabetes mellitus. Type 1 is usually in children (genetic). His body does not have insulin. Type 2 diabetes is diabetes as described above. Type 3 diabetes is gestational diabetes, which is common in pregnant women, and type 4 diabetes is  due to other causes, such as drugs, due to illness, and so on.

The most common is type 2 diabetes and the trend continue to rise. The survey in 1982 showed, the number of diabetics in Jakarta about 2.8 percent of the population. 90s rose to 5.8 percent, and in 2006 jumped to 12, 8 percent. It means 1 in 8 people in Jakarta affected by diabetes. That pre diabetes (diabetes would be) too much, about 30 percent, and one day could be fallen down to be diabetic.

To determine DM, blood sugar levels need to be checked. If the conclusion of the checking result says that fasting blood sugar> 126 mg / dL or blood sugar levels after fasting> 200 mg / dL, then someone who checked to be suffering from diabetes.

Many things can cause. The main one is a lifestyle (lifestyle), obesity is increasing, instant life patterns that are considered modern, and most importantly is culture to conduct periodic checks are rare to be done.

Diabetes is associated with genetic factors and environmental factors. Genetic factors are considered can not be modified, while environmental factors can. So, if people already have a genetic factor, which must be maintained is the environmental factor. For example, undergo a good lifestyle, healthy life, physical activity, adequate rest, eating lots of fat, and so forth.

If after keeping environmental factors, remains a diabetic as well as genetic factors, then prevention is to perform regular blood sugar checks, as well as to recognize the signs of diabetes. Special sign of diabetes there are 3 P, namely polydipsia (much to drink), polyphagia (much to eat), and polyuri (lots of urine at night), plus a sense of limp and the weight loss.

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While not typical signs include numbness, blurred vision, dental rocking and erectile dysfunction. Often patients come not because blood sugar checks, but because the symptoms are not typical earlier.

Beware Complications

Treating diabetes is not enough just to bring down sugar in the blood, but also how making sugar can go back into the body’s cells so that the cells of the body was not damaged.

Diabetes cannot be cured and will be there for life. But more importantly, for example, remains diabetes but do not have a heart attack because of metabolism in the heart muscle cells is well managed. No need to be amputated, no need to wash the blood, and so on. So, not only lowers blood sugar numbers, but the existing control on diabetes complications.

There is no one of the patients with diabetes who cannot control their blood sugar. If known early and treated properly, then its complications will be overcome. People with diabetes can still have the same age with healthy people, the origin of complications controlled.

Affected Risky DM

Understand and refer anyone who is at risk for diabetes, based on their characteristics. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

–      Aged over 45 years

–      Obesity (body mass index above 23 kg / m2)

–      High blood pressure / hypertension

–      Dyslipidemia (HDL cholesterol <35 mg / dL and triglycerides or> 250 mg / dL)

–      History gave birth to a baby weighing> 4000 g

–      Family history of diabetes (heredity)

–      History of impaired glucose tolerance

So, in which the criteria are you ? Are you having some of these criteria that match with your conditions today? But you do not worry and don’t be too paranoid. Follow the steps above description and keep to living with style of healthy life.

Well, that’s all about Blood Sugar Levels Do Not Match, Fix It Soon.

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