Beware of Anemia Experience During Pregnancy

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Beware of anemia experience during pregnancy – This time, this post talk regarding anemia during pregnancy. For some people might assume paltry anemia. You know that of this trivial matter, when it did not receive optimal treatment, would be bad for both mother and fetus. Well, this is what Health and Beauty‘s dictionary shall see further on anemia during pregnancy and the impact that may be caused.

You can understand that anemia is the condition of women with hemoglobin levels below 11g / dl in the trimester of 1st and 3rd, or level <10,5g% in the 2nd trimester. The limit values occur due to hemodilution of blood dilution occurs as a result of the composition of blood plasma that is larger than red blood cells , it is mainly in the second trimester.

Beware of Anemia Experience During Pregnancy

Beware of Anemia Experience During Pregnancy

You can identify anemia that based on the classification into 4 types, that is based on the cause of anemia, such as:

1. Iron deficiency anemia, this type of anemia is caused by iron deficiency.

2. Megaloblastic anemia, this type of anemia is caused by folic acid deficiency.

3. Hypoplastic anemia, this type of anemia is caused due to bone marrow Hypofunction.

4. Hemolytic anemia, this type of anemia is caused by destruction of red blood cells faster than its manufacturing.

You now probably already recognize the four types of anemia that one of them may occur and infect humans based on specific characteristics that cause it. Well, now you will know the common causes of this anemia, is as described as follows:

a. Iron deficiency, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C and folic acid

These substances are very important to obtain by pregnant women because it is a useful substance for the formation of red blood cells and increases the ability of cells to bind oxygen from hemoglobin is formed. This substance can be obtained either through the mother in the consumption of food or from supplements were obtained in both the midwife or doctor.

b. Damage to bone marrow or kidneys

The process of formation of red blood cells occurs in the bone marrow. Automatically, when the bone marrow as a place of produce red blood cells has defective, so the blood cell formation  process to be disrupted also. Bone marrow is the source of all cells in the blood circulation system. The part that plays a role in this case there are the so-called pluripotent hematopoietic stem cells. Immediately call your doctor if you have abnormalities or damage to the bone marrow and your kidney.

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c. Chronic Bleeding

Any bleeding will phlebotomized in excess of normal size. It can be experienced by someone who has a blood clotting disorder, so that the blood would be difficult to stop.

d. Destruction of red blood cells

Red blood cells or erythrocytes have a life span of 120 days in the blood circulation. When the age of the red blood cells becomes older, the cells will be susceptible to destruction, namely when through the spleen. Some of the factors that affect the destruction of red blood cells are the immune system disorders, genetics, drug toxicity and hemoglobinopati. If the red blood cells are destroyed is greater than the cell that formed it will undergo hemolytic anemia.

e. Blood loss due to bleeding or menstrual cycle in women

Anemia also can be caused by the occurring of bleeding. So, in order that the blood vessels keep it filled with fluid, the body will draw fluid from the outside network to remain the unfilled balance. By pulling this liquid will of course cause the blood becomes more dilute, and the percentage of red blood cells are reduced.

f. Chronic disease: pulmonary tuberculosis, worms intestine

Drugs to treat TB will usually cause anemia. Anemia can be aggravated by worm infections, especially hookworm. Hookworms attached to the intestinal wall and feed on blood. As a result of the bite of it causes the body to lose some blood, which if not handled optimally will cause increasingly severe anemia.

g. Blood disease that is genetic: hemophilia, thalassemia

h. Parasites and other diseases that damage the blood: malaria

i. Too often become blood donors

j. Impaired absorption of nutrients (malabsorption)

k. HIV infection

Diagnosis Anemia In Pregnancy

To make a diagnosis of anemia of pregnancy can be done by anamnesis. In the anamnesis will get some complaints, such as tiredness easily, often dizzy, dizzy eyes and nausea vomiting that more severe in young pregnant.

Inspection and supervision of Hb can be done by using temperature. Hb examination results can be classified as follows: Hb 11 g% Not anemia; 8 – <11 g% Mild anemia; <8 g% Severe anemia A blood test done at least twice during pregnancy, the first trimester and third trimester. With the consideration that every pregnant women are anemic, then the administration gives the Fe preparations of 90 tablets to pregnant women at health centers, to solve the anemia problems for the pregnant women.

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Effect of Anemia In Pregnancy and Fetus

Effect of anemia in pregnancy

a. Threat during pregnancy

– Can happen abortion

– Childbirth prematurity

– Barriers fetal growth in the womb

– Easy to be infected

– Easy decompensation cordis (Hb <6g%)

– Hydatidiform mole

– Hyperemesis gravidarum

– Antepartum haemorrhage

– Premature rupture of membranes (PROM)

b. Threat when childbirth

– Disturbance HIS, straining force

– The first Kala can be last a long time, and occurs the displaced parturition

– The second Kala is more longstanding so that can be tiring and often requires surgery obstetrics

– The third Kala can be followed retained placenta and postpartum hemorrhage due to atonic uterus.

– The fourth Kala is postpartum hemorrhage that can occur secondary and atonic uterus.

c. On Postpartum Period

There uteri sub inversio cause postpartum hemorrhage

– Facilitate infection peurperium

– Spending ASI reduced

– There was a sudden decompensation cordis after childbirth

– Anemia when parturition

– Easy for mammary infection

– Danger to the fetus

From the description at length above, you may be able to take a lot of benefts, especially pregnant mom, from beware of anemia experience during pregnancy.


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