Benefits and Content of the Bananas Peel

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Benefits and content of the banana peel – Banana is the common name given to a giant plant from the tribe Musaceae, that has large-leaved extends. Some species, such as Musa Acuminata, Musa balbisiana, and Musa Paradisiaca, produce the fruit consumption is called the same. The fruit is arranged in bunches with groups composed that seem like the finger.

Almost all bananas fruits, healthy fruits, have yellow skin when ripe, although there are some orange, red, green, purple, or even almost black.

Bananas as food are a source of energy. They contain carbohydrates and minerals, especially potassium.

Benefits and Content of the Bananas Peel

Benefits and Content of the Bananas Peel

It need to be aware, that the term of banana is also used for a number of types plants that do not produce fruit consumption, such as varieties of the abaca banana, the ornamental bananas, and the fan bananas. This post will only discuss about the consumption of banana fruit and its related relatives.

Who does not know a banana? According to our Health and Beauty’s dictionary, this bright yellow fruit has a distinctive taste and privileged could block the stomach because rich in healthy carbohydrates. That’s why bananas is healthy fruits. Bananas are one of the pieces are easy to find everywhere. Bananas are one of the crops that thrive in the tropics. Due to abundant in tropical countries, bananas sold at affordable prices.

Bananas are a source of carbohydrates. In addition, it is also a source of vitamins, fiber and beta carotene. Reportedly, the consumption of one banana a day will keep you from a heart attack! That is why bananas are special. They are not only consumed by you on their meat only, but the skin turns bananas were no less amazing. If you have just regarded them as rubbish, then you should start to think them again right now. Because the benefits and content of the banana peel are quite diverse and they have been clinically tested. Are you still not sure? Then you should check the benefits and content of the banana peel, as the following descriptions.

The content of the Banana’s Skin

Before dissecting the benefits of banana peel, it could not hurt to understand what compounds are present in the skin which is often considered to be a waste. In general, bananas as healthy fruits have peel that contains carbohydrates, water, vitamin C, potassium, lutein, antioxidants, calcium, B vitamins, fat, protein, and vitamin B complex, diverse including vitamin B6, vegetable oil, fiber, serotonin, and many more. All components of this compound have a variety of properties that are good for the body. Not only that, banana peel also turned out to be a source of alternative energy!

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Observing the active substance which is quite complex, it is very natural that banana peel, and then also have a variety of benefits, one of them could be as the acne tips to get rid of acne. Here are some benefits of banana peel that you may use for your living, as detailed below:

1. As a mood enhancer

Did you know that banana peel is rich in substance of serotonin. This substance is responsible for the feeling of happiness in the human body. And to regularly consume a banana skin, will help you be more relaxed and happy off course. In some countries, the banana smoothies meat always made by mixing them together with the banana’s skin. While in Indonesia, there is only a banana smoothies meat and mashed bananas.

2. As a pain reliever

Benefits and content of the banana peel a number of vegetable oils that are also a certain substance very well drown the pain. The way is easy, simply put the banana skin that has been cleaned and is still in a fresh state on the part of your body is experiencing pain caused by a burning or scratched by a sharp object.

3. Overcoming the itching

If you often feel the itching caused by insect bites and also ants, use a banana peel. Just paste on the surface of the skin that itch.

4. Repelling the warts intruders

Warts are usually small, but nonetheless disturbing. According to our Health and Beauty’s dictionary, this can be solved with a banana skin. The trick is to stick a banana skin on the wart, then hold the paste with plaster and leave it as long as possible. You do this until the wart stop growing and disappear completely from the skin.

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5. Accelerate wound healing

If you have a wound that is closed black crust and appear to interfere, you just stick a banana peel on the layer of black leather which will immediately disappear without a trace.

6. Eliminate headaches

It’s a simple way, you just puree the peel of the healthy fruits bananas and paste it on the forehead like as usual you compress your forehead. After some time, your headache will disappear.

7. Eliminate acne

You can use it, as the acne tips, in the same way like any other ways. You quite attached the banana peel right on your acne. Or, you can also be mashed and then made it like a mask. You can use it at night. And it’s become one of a lot of the acne tips that you can use it.

8. As an alternative energy source

Recent research has shown a banana peel contains electrical power so that it can be a dry battery power.

9. As a livestock feed

These benefits are well known, of course.

10. Fertilize the soil.

He can act as compost. The trick, just put in the ground that you want to be fertilized.

11. As substitute your shoe polish

It is an easy way, you just peel the banana, the healthy fruits, and then you can use the banana’s skin on your shoes as a shoe polish.

12. As a water purifier and oil

The best banana skin that can use for this purpose is golden banana types. The simple way is you can insert it into the water and oil that wish to be purified.

13. For consumption

Did you know that today has been developed that are made from wheat flour banana skin, especially of certain types of bananas? The quality of its flour is no less than other types of flour.

That all uniqueness and advantages possessed by a banana. Hopefully what is presented in this post can provide benefit and enlightenment, especially regarding the benefits and content of the banana peel.

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