The Advantages of Soybean for Health and Beauty

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The advantages of soybean for health and beauty – Soy, or soybeans, is one of the leguminous plants which form the basis of much of the East Asian food such as soy sauce, tofu, and tempeh. Based on archaeological heritage, this plant has been cultivated since 3500 years ago in East Asia.

According to the Health and Beauty dictionary, soybean is a major source of vegetable protein and vegetable oil. The main producers of soy in the world are the United States even though is practically new soybean cultivated community outside Asia after 1910.

The Advantages of Soybean for Health and Beauty

The Advantages of Soybean for Health and Beauty

Soybean plants already have cultivated more than 3500 years ago in China and have spread to Japan and Southeast Asian countries. Meanwhile, soybeans take thousands of years to arrive in European countries, and we already know soy, thanks to the ancient trade with China and also in the Dutch colonialists introduced around 1910.

As we have seen the use of soy in Indonesia is very wide, such as raw material for tofu and tempeh, as well as the manufacture of soy sauce etc. Soy is a source of vegetable protein is very good for health. Soy nuts are very easily digested by the body than other types of nuts the other. This is because the content in soy is a very high percentage of protein, so it is very good as a substitute animal protein or meat.

View its properties are very large, allowing us to understand after all soy is a complete food source, and even very valuable soy in the diet of people who adopt a vegetarian diet.

The advantages of soybean for health and beauty performed that soy is formed about 40% of protein and 20% of fat, divided into saturated and unsaturated fat, the amount of mineral content are also very abundant, in the main represented by potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. And some amount of vitamins are vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and a little of vitamin C. That is why soybeans have useful ingredients.

Until now there has been found, foodstuffs from other plant resembles a very rich soy protein, which largely consists of, among others, of all the essential amino acids that are essential to the body as a “straight to be consumed” substance, because the body can not synthesize them alone, so it needs to be in supply, lecithin into lipids, fat emulsifying properties, thus increasing brain activity and neurotransmitter activity.

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The advantages of soybean for health and beauty

It turns out that in addition to soy is good for health and treat colon cancer, the benefits of soy are also able to resist hormone-sensitive. Statistics show that the people of Asia such as China and Japan, especially the Indonesian people who are already very accustomed to eating tofu and tempeh, so they are taking the advantages of soybean for health and beauty, have a very low incidence tumurale when compared to the population of the West (Europe). The reasons for the soybeans are eating fat-free and they do not similar like the meat consumption.

Because of its abundant fiber content in soybean, this is good news for the absorption of cholesterol from the gut; soy also has a protective effect on the arteries. According to the Health and Beauty dictionary, suffice it to say that 3 ounces of soy provides 12g of fiber intake, and which became the daily requirement is 25-30g. And they are becoming efficacy of soybean for treatments.

Helpful Food Made From Soy

There are no contraindications to the use of soy and its derivatives in the form that they have a wide range, Nutritionists found after weaning a baby, could do without breast milk or formula and can replace it with soy milk, which has the properties and benefits are very good for health.

In fact, compared with cow’s milk, soy milk drinks do not contain casein, a protein that causes allergies. Soy milk also do not have lactose or milk sugar that much, that it may cause allergic to certain people. In addition, soy milk is rich in fiber and cholesterol free, so great for all ages. Beans, soy milk, tofu and tempeh are rich in genistein, protective substances that prevent symptoms that stimulate the growth of malignant tumor cells.

Soy milk is typical of Asian food, but because of the nature and benefits are good for health, drink it quickly spread to America and Europe, especially among supporters of a vegetarian diet. The milk is obtained from yellow soybeans boiled and drained. In the terms of nutritional intake, protein is slightly higher compared the cow’s milk. Soy milk also does not contain cholesterol, conversely, the presence of lecithin to facilitate the elimination of cholesterol itself. So soy milk is a healthy beverage for people with cholesterol problems.

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Regular consumption of soy milk appears to help the body to prevent diseases such as colon cancer, prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women.

If in the West culture would be proud with its cheese products, but we as a people of Asia, especially Indonesia should be proud of our cheese, that’s called “Tahu”, a.k.a tofu or its cool language bean curd. Tofu is made by coagulating soy milk, which is achieved by using sodium sulfate or sodium chloride. Tofu is a cheese-like food product made from coagulated soy milk, which has been used as a low-fat meat surrogate and a higher in protein too. That’s why tofu is also known as the Cheese of Asia.

Tofu is a food that allegedly originated from China. Besides tofu is popular in Indonesia, this Asia Cheese is also very popular at the some neighboring ASEAN countries, such as Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. There are many different types of tofu that has a very different flavor, appearance or soft solid. Tofu being derived from soy milk, it retains the main features or its efficacy. Therefore, tofu proved better than the cheese. Tofu is a healthy diet, without cholesterol and saturated fat. That’s all the characteristics that we can take from the advantages of soybean for health and beauty.


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