7 Summer Hair Problems and How to Solve Them


7 summer hair problems and how to solve them – The summer often brings problems to the hair, and the following are some of the issues with the hair and how you solve that problem hair, so that they will not haunt you when the weather begins to heat up.

Well, here you are the 7 summer hair problems and how to solve them:

1. Dried

The time you spend in the sun will make your hair dry, make sure you use a conditioner every day. In addition, you should do the treatment on a regular basis to improve the hair’s moisture.

Hair Dry - 7 Summer Hair Problems and How to Solve Them

Hair Dry – 7 Summer Hair Problems and How to Solve Them

2. Turn green

If you have blonde hair or brightly colored, and most of your time located in the pool during hot weather can make your hair becomes greenish. According to our Health and Beauty’s dictionary, by using the chlorine removing shampoo and the kind of shampoo is often used to remove color. Rinsing your hair shortly after getting out of the swimming pool can also reduce the appearance of green color.

3. Color fades

If you color your hair, summer can mean more frequent coloring. Moreover, if during the summer, you spend more time with sunbathing. Sun, sand, and water if united can fade the color of your hair. Try using hair care products for the ultraviolet filter that can counter the damage produced by the sun, and use a hat to protect your hair from excessive sunlight.

4. Curling

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Some hair becomes frizzy when the weather is humid or wet, while others become frizzy when hot and dry outside. If you include that into the second ones, you can refer to a cream or serum that can help reduce moisture. Products with oil can soften and moisturize the hair without making a mess.

5. Oily

Nothing is worse than oily hair, because the oil makes your hair look dull and ugly. With proper hair care, oily hair in the summer can be combated. Try using the pollen of hair that will remove oil and restore your beautiful hair.

6. Saucer

Thin hair will be easier to look flat. To that end, the hair shampoo that can make your hair looking solid, plus conditioner and hairspray can make the hair be unbiased and avoid the looks thin and dull.

7. Messy and unruly

If this happens, you should try to tie your hair so it looks neater than just ignored unravel, because it will make the condition worse.

That’s all about 7 summer hair problems and how to solve them; hopefully you can keep and maintain your beauty and healthy hair.


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