6 Habits That Can Make You Look Younger

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6 Habits That Can Make You Look Younger – Just as time goes on, age is not the absolute case that may be prevented or stopped, when you have been out of the category of adolescence, growing up and getting older with wrinkles in some corners of the face. Starting in the mid 30s, if you are very passive, you will actually lose 100,000 brain cells every day.

Walk a minimum of 5,000 steps a day - 6 Habits That Can Make You Younger

Walk a minimum of 5,000 steps a day – 6 Habits That Can Make You Look Younger

According to our Health and Beauty’s dictionary, in an era like today, young is a highly desirable by many. But the reality is often not as expected; the worst lifestyle and the lack of positive activities that make them neglect to maintain their own health. Many of those who arrived – arrived prematurely aged. Therefore, it is very important for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle as much as possible and taking the time to do an activity – activity that is healthy. Here are 6 simple habits that you can do to keep the physical youthfulness fairly even at that age is quite old:

1. Walk a minimum of 5,000 steps a day

In developed countries such as Japan and other European countries, walking is a regular activity performed by people every day. Even in Japan people would prefer walking to their office. The farther to the office is, the better. Because of they will produce more steps. However, due to limited of the sidewalks facilities and other facilities for pedestrians, you can replace or add to the motion of your daily activities. You can take the stairs instead of the elevator on your regular activities. Walking activity makes your brain cells will regenerate easily.

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2. Expand your cooling soul with meditation activity

Meditation has lately become something very loved in line with the development of yoga in Indonesia. Meditation has many proven as the cure for some diseases, even though cancer. When you meditate, you will connect with your subconscious. The left side of your brain will stop working and your right brain would emit alpha waves are excellent for cell regeneration.

3. Perform massage on the face

There are many types of facial massage, but you may try a Tsubo massage from Japan. This type of facial massage is referring to the book by Dr. Shigeo Haruyama entitled The Miracle Of endorphine. The first thing you should do is to stack your middle finger over the index finger, you only need two fingers on each hand for this massage. Do it nine times a massage with 1,2,3 rhythm, then hold in a matter of 10 seconds. You can do this on a regular basis three times a day.

4. Keep your intake of food for the brain

The key to eternal youth is the health of the brain, if the cells in your brain are not dead and still continue to regenerate with the good condition, then you will be ageless. The food you eat is the food needed to produce the hormone of happiness in your brain, and you should eat the foods that contain lots of protein compounds, and amino acids. It would be better if your protein is a vegetable protein food, such as the soybeans fermented processed. You must be familiar with tempe, tofu and other soy fermented processed.

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5. Expand the use of the right brain

The right brain is producing alpha waves, which in medically known as the waves were very good for brain health. You can do many things, like pursue a hobby, meditate and daydream about the good things that can happen to you. Many scientists who died at the age that is still classified as a productive because they are too much to think logically with their brain. They use more of their left brain and right brain are rarely used, while a painter will likely be long-lived because they use more the right brain.

6. Avoid stress and start to keep thinking positive

Stress is not something that is good for the brain cells you. You will get old fast if you cannot cope with or avoid stress. It would be better if you get used to think positive in everything, as you will avoid the possibility of stress. Do not let you turn off many cells in your brain because you are so dizzy with work or your everyday life.

That’s all about 6 Habits That Can Make You Look Younger.


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