5 Food to Prevent Diabetes


5 Food to Prevent Diabetes – Advances in the science of nutrition and health provide insights that can help a person to avoid the disease. Selection of proper food intake will bring  a lot of health benefits to you.

But if you’re wrong to choose your diet menu, then it might be uncomfortable stomach at that time. But in the future if it is repeated, it will be a serious threat to your health, along with the decreasing of your organs ability to process food, as the Health and Beauty’s dictionary, ours.

Dates - 5 Food to Prevent Diabetes

Dates – 5 Food to Prevent Diabetes

Nowadays we have so many diseases are caused by the poor selection of food to be consumed and also wrong dietary management, as well as a result of free radicals that always threaten us. And one of the diseases that occur as a result of the poor of dietary management is diabetes. This disease which caused by increased blood sugar level has been threatening millions of people in the world. This certainly should make us to care, concerns and anticipate it.

To avoid this disease you should fix your diet menu become healthier. One of them is choosing foods and beverages that it can control your blood sugar levels.

5 Food to Prevent Diabetes:

1. Dates

The fruit is brown and sticky it not only has a sweet taste, but it also rich in fiber, so it becomes a snack that ‘friendly’ to diabetes. According to one study, dates richer in antioxidants than grapes, oranges, broccoli and peppers.

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2. Milk

Milk is one of the best sources of calcium and vitamin D. Milk is also a friendly nutrient for blood sugar. You can choose other dairy products such as cheese and low fat yogurt to prevent diabetes. Drink milk with cereal for breakfast or as a snack cheese.

3. Flax Seeds

Grain that grows in cold regions is rich in fiber and alpha-linolenic acid, which your body converts to omega-3. Flax Seeds have been known to lower blood sugar and cholesterol, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular problems. Use it as a breakfast with oatmeal mixture.

4. Sage

Purple flowering plants enhances the activity and secretion of insulin, which helps to curb the blood sugar level of pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes keep it in. It also keeps your heart functioning properly, thereby improving your immunity. According to a German study, sage that consumed on an empty stomach may reduce blood glucose levels. This herb can also be added to tea.

5. Nuts

Because nuts are high in fiber, it will help you feel full, stable blood sugar, and lower cholesterol. In addition, experts say, nuts can burn body fat because it contains calcium. Add peanuts and bean sprouts for salads or enter in your soup.

What all explanations above may bring a lot benefit to you to prevent diabetes with healthy food.

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